Pipeline CRM Alternatives

Choosing the right sales CRM software for your business and team can be an intimidating process. Take a look at these CRM product comparisons to see how Pipeline’s customized solution stacks up against other big-name brands. Before you make a decision, look at pricing, features, industry expertise, integrations, and more, to get a full picture of what you’re paying for! 

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Take a look at how Pipeline CRM compares to other solutions in the market. Find out why users trust our affordable, simple solution.

Pipeline CRM vs Pipedrive

Pipeline CRM vs. Pipedrive

Pipeline CRM vs Asana

Pipeline CRM vs. Asana

Pipeline CRM vs Salesforce

Pipeline CRM vs. Salesforce

Pipeline CRM vs Copper CRM

Pipeline CRM vs. Copper

Pipeline CRM vs. Close


Pipeline CRM’s Top Features

Our sales CRM software packs a powerful punch with the following features.


Prioritize the customer details that are most important to your business. You can create up to 25 custom fields (e.g., for contact details and currency) that will automatically appear on every deal page.


Let Pipeline CRM facilitate your sales process by automatically assigning tasks and updating leads as they progress. Get real-time visibility into your pipeline from start to finish.

Email Drip Campaigns

Boost lead engagement for new or lost leads with automation. You can create targeted and personalized email campaigns that deliver the right message at the right time. Nurturing leads has never been this easy.


Rainier Custom Homes Improves Time to Close by 53%

Rainier Custom Homes was looking for a customizable and automated construction CRM to accommodate their three-phase sales workflow. Their frustration in searching for the perfect CRM ended when they found Pipeline CRM.

Using Multiple Pipelines, they can now easily breeze through the three different sales phases while building a trustworthy relationship with clients and their subcontractors using task and email automation.

It is now easy to keep everyone involved in a project (the team, external partners, and clients) on the same page at every sales step. As a result, Rainier Custom Homes’ clients now receive a consistent and satisfactory experience—significantly reducing their time-to-close by 53%.


Read more about their success story here.

The more you know about our tool, the more you’ll want to try it. Get to know Pipeline CRM better through these questions.

Pipeline CRM specializes in old economy industries, but it is suitable for any business that wants to close deals faster and more efficiently. We have served a wide range of industries (agencies, professional services, real estate, etc.) and are named one of the best CRMs for construction and logistics companies.


Our simple yet powerful solutions amplify your sales team’s work through contact and lead customization, task automation, email drip campaign management, and more.


Discover how Pipeline CRM can accommodate your needs in these industry-specific cases.

Pipeline CRM pricing starts from $25 per user per month for the Start Plan, $33 per user per month for the Develop Plan, and $49 per user per month for the Grow Plan.


Unlike other sales CRM alternatives, we include all fundamental sales features even in the Start Plan—not as add-ons. This enables everyone to fully experience the transformative results Pipeline CRM activates no matter which plans they choose.


Check out our pricing page to see all the features you’ll get.

The high level of customization makes Pipeline CRM one of the best CRMs for logistics.


You can rename the bid stage according to your team’s language, add custom fields to add detailed information, change currencies (perfect for international businesses), and even manage multiple pipelines simultaneously. We provide you with the right tools to ensure all the goods are delivered safely and promptly.


See the real-life applications of Pipeline CRM in helping a 3PL solution company gain an additional six-figure gross profit.

Pipeline CRM is a better investment based on the offered features, price, and customer support.


To unlock the unlimited open deals, custom fields, report generation, and phone customer service on Pipedrive, you need to invest $99 per user per month (Enterprise Plan). In contrast, you can enjoy all the unlimited features on Pipeline CRM for just $49 per user per month (Grow Plan). That’s a 50% saving!


Get a detailed comparison of Pipeline CRM and Pipedrive.

Pipeline CRM features are powerful but not overpriced. 


For instance, you can quickly go through your daily agenda and your CRM pipeline details from the comfort of your dashboard. And you won’t get lost when creating reports or adding new deals and contacts. Our intuitive workflow will naturally guide you to get the CRM support you need to be more productive.


See why users switch from Salesforce to Pipeline CRM.