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IMRs that lean into this ISA SalesWerks Platform and sales process will create real differentiation for their business while elevating their employees’ skill sets and principals’ success.

- Ed Gerber, CEO of ISA

Just the features you need to win.

Focus only on the metrics and data that help you move the needle and win deals.

Work with manufacturers in real time to win deals faster.

Out-of-the box solution customized for the way IMRs sell.

Easily collaborate and share data with industry-leading SuperShare inspired by the needs of the Channel.

What businesses are saying

Craig Lindsay, Pacesetter

Sales, Chair IMR Network

Gone are the days of activity based 'call reports' and rear view spreadsheets!

Patrick Curry, Fullerton

Tool, Co-Chair IMR Network

Now we can focus our efforts on real-time collaboration to help each other win deals faster together!

JP Werlin, CEO of Pipeline

Vice President of Sales at Trailer Bridge

We built the ISA SalesWerks Platform with industry specific custom fields that will get the IMR ready to go right out of the box — no IT needed.

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