CRM for Manufacturing Companies

CRM for manufacturing companies

Pipeline’s manufacturing CRM software offers industry-leading support and – most importantly – helps improve your bottom line. We know that running a successful manufacturing business is hard work. Obstacles like supply chain headwinds, labor challenges, relentless inflation, and keeping pace with emerging technology trends can make it difficult to find the time to choose and adopt the right CRM. But we make it simple. Our modern solution is easy to use, automated, and uncomplicated.

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Manufacturing CRM
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CRM for Manufacturers

Manage clients. Win more jobs. Double revenue.​

Go live within 48 hours. Zero engineering resources required. Only $1.10 per salesperson per day!​


crm for manufacturing industry

Build a customer-centric sales process as streamlined as your production process.​

crm for manufacturing industry

You need a robust sales tool, but you don’t want a CRM that is too complicated. Maybe your ERP offers a CRM, but it’s not user-friendly or robust enough. Pipeline’s manufacturing CRM tool tracks multiple sales pipelines, automates workflows, manages all lead and customer interactions, and more. Get the functionality you need to stay efficient – without all the extras.

Automate your sales process with a custom CRM for manufacturers. Get smart features like ‘next step’ suggestions, automatic recurring deals, and the ability to automatically assign tasks and update leads as they move through the pipeline. Generate custom reports to support more accurate demand forecasting.

Using Pipeline’s CRM software for manufacturing companies helps your business manage and prioritize customer relationships, and gain customer trust. Use our built-in marketing automation tools or leverage integrations like Mailchimp. Streamlined processes and communication improve customer satisfaction and increase your profitability.

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Craig Wishner,

Wire Stone Digital Marketing

“Pipeline CRM gives me what I need to be successful in my journey when starting out my day… it really just gets things at my fingertips and makes my life a lot easier.”

Manufacturing CRM

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Go ahead and read success stories from our customers who adopted our software as the manufacturing CRM.​
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Manufacturing Industry

When TENMAT adopted Pipeline CRM, the manufacturer of advanced materials experienced a sales boost of 30% and a conversion rate jump of 20%.

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Manufacturing Industry

Vermeer led an extensive research process of surveying managers on what they wanted in a CRM.

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Manufacturing and Lighting Industry

After implementing Pipeline CRM, WLS Companies has expanded its team by 30%, experienced a 100% increase in company efficiency and remains poised to reach impressive profit goals.

Manufacturing companies should use CRM software to solve common pain points: production, distribution, and customer service management.


It can help businesses develop a data-driven system for production plans (e.g., determining schedules and allocating resources) and effective distribution routes (from transporting raw materials to finished products). In turn, the labor and production costs can be reduced significantly.


A CRM can also improve the customer service department. It helps businesses manage inquiries, handle complaints, and provide speedy assistance—guaranteeing every closed ticket will grow into long-term business relationships.

Pipeline CRM helps increase your team’s productivity and clear any bottlenecks in your sales pipelines. 


For instance, you’ll have more time to perfect your pitch by delegating mundane tasks to our automation feature. You can use this to send emails, remind you to do a follow-up call, create some next action steps after a deal’s status change, and more. We help you to work smarter.


Furthermore, to focus on the crucial to-dos, you can easily filter the leads based on tags or urgency directly from your “dashboard.” 


💡 After adopting Pipeline CRM, a UK-based manufacturing company boosted sales by 30% and conversion rate by 20%.


Read the inspiring story here.

Pipeline CRM provides manufacturing companies with a range of powerful features to optimize their operations, including:


  • Handy automation: grant extra time to your sales team to nurture leads and let the rest be automated. From reminding key milestones to creating recurring deal steps and sending emails to prospects, Pipeline CRM handles them for you.


  • Smart reporting: effortlessly generate reports for quick progress updates or to make key decisions. Since they are based on actual data, you minimize the chance of failure.


  • Excellent onboarding services: with Pipeline CRM, we always have your back! Our customer success team works directly with you to develop a tailored plan for your business goals.