CRM Integration with Mailchimp

Mailchimp Integration with Pipeline CRM

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Pipeline CRM integrates with Mailchimp. Connect Pipeline CRM contacts with email marketing campaigns within your Mailchimp account. Think of this integration as a better way to run email campaigns at scale.
When you integrate Mailchimp with Pipeline software, your marketing, CRM, and sales efforts are aligned. You can coordinate campaigns that target existing clients, new priority prospects, or even outbound leads.

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Integrate Pipeline CRM With Mailchimp to Reach Your Clients

One true calendar

Keep track of your email lists and campaign analytics directly from your CRM software. This simple-to-use integration will have you up and running more effective email campaigns in minutes.

Easy Gmail management

Nurture your clients and prospects through targeted email lists and by knowing when to follow up. All data and marketing communications are held in your Pipeline account history so you can learn from past campaigns and improve success rates.

Event reminders

Create lists of people you want to email in Pipeline and export them to your Mailchimp account with a single click. Or set a Primary List in Pipeline that will automatically add new members to your account.