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CRM for construction companies

Pipeline CRM is the best construction CRM for contractors and builders. The customer relationship management tool helps you organize and manage all job-specific data from one place—increasing your chances of winning more deals. Whether you’re in the office, on the road, or at a job site, you can take your business up a notch wherever you are. Sign up with Pipeline CRM software to get started.

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Construction CRM

The ideal Construction CRM

Manage bids. Win more jobs. Double revenue.

Go live within 48 hours. Zero engineering resources required. Only $1.10 per salesperson per day!​
crm for construction industry

Close More Deals with a CRM for Construction Companies

crm for construction industry

Why Choose Pipeline for Your Construction CRM

Spreadsheets and email alone won’t grow a modern business. Pipeline CRM for construction companies is quick to implement and easy to use. Empower your sales team to effortlessly manage leads and bids through proposals and beyond. Track all prospect and customer interactions, as well as project documents like estimates, building permits, contractor reports, contracts, and more, in one place. Keep your teams on the same page.

We know a thing or two about construction sales pipeline management, but we don’t know the unique needs of your business. Easily customize Pipeline CRM with deal stages to track multiple revenue streams, like residential versus commercial deals. Create up to 25 custom fields automatically appearing on every deal page, such as primary contact, job site, or post-bid follow-up date. Pipeline construction CRM also offers automation and integrations to tools you already use to make things easier.

Don’t let jobs slip through the cracks. Pipeline CRM for construction propels deals forward by automating alerts, critical tasks, communications, and more. Pipeline CRM will alert you when a prospect has viewed an estimate, so that you can follow up with them immediately. Automations instantly notify sales managers and other team members when deals are closed and milestones are reached.

Dan Stifle,
SunX Solar Systems

“We’ve doubled our revenue since we started using Pipeline CRM. It put everyone on the same page and allowed our company to work seamlessly.”

A simple way to manage your bids, projects, and client details.​

construction crm

Add notes to a bid while you’re out on a job. Plus signed contracts and invoices, contact details, pictures of the property, anything you need to remember next time you’re at this job site for quick reference.

If your team is always on the go, our geolocator can help. Plan your route quicker and smarter with one-click mapping, especially if you have multiple meetings in one day.

Sync your Microsoft Outlook or Gmail inboxes with Pipeline CRM. Keep and share important messages in the same place you track your bids and store client details.


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construction crm

The ideal construction CRM

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their construction CRM software.​

reno 100

Construction Industry​

The family-owned company outgrew Excel spreadsheets and chose Pipeline CRM.

underpinning 100

Contracting Industry​

Bay Area Underpinning increased sales 15-20% by using Pipeline CRM.

david creation 100

Contractor Industry​

Washington D.C. based marketing consulting firm, A David Creation, has helped a loyal customer base of painting contractors reach their sales & marketing goals by introducing Pipeline CRM.

CRM helps construction companies solve their most crucial pain points: inefficient team communication, inaccurate estimations, and poor lead management.


  • Better collaboration: break down communication barriers between team members and external partners by sharing all project-related information in a CRM. Everyone is always in the loop for any project updates.


  • Accurate estimation: using the historical data stored in a CRM helps anticipate unexpected changes in costs, timelines, and resources—resulting in improved scheduling and estimates.


  • Leads management: as a centralized hub, CRM for construction companies helps monitor lead statuses and opens tasks from multiple projects—ensuring the team is always one step closer to securing deals.

Pipeline CRM is more than a contact database. It allows you to find information to tackle daily problems instantly. For instance, checking material delivery schedules, which team is available for a sudden project, the latest material prices to offer accurate quotes, and more.


Additionally, Pipeline CRM’s customer service is always available whenever you’ve got questions. We provide the same personalized, expert-level care to every user, regardless of account size and subscription tier.


💡 Together with Pipeline CRM, a family-owned construction company grew by 10% in just two years. Read the story here.

We designed Pipeline CRM with construction companies in mind, and it’s reflected in the following features:


  • Super share: working with many parties is prone to misunderstanding and delayed actions, but they can be minimized when everyone has the same information. Pipeline CRM enables you to share data with anyone you need to, even with external partners.


  • Unlimited storage: feel free to store all your documents, invoices, images, and communication records without any data caps or additional charges.


  • Intelligence mobile app: no matter where you are, you can get the same accessibility to your sales pipelines. Our mobile app helps your on-field team to always stay on top of the game.