Custom CRM software to suit your unique needs.

Decide which data you need to see first every day, change the colors to suit your brand, and custom name every field. Or if you don’t know exactly what you need yet, get started with our best-practice templates. Change as much or as little as you like. Pipeline CRM is intuitive enough for your small business and robust enough to feel tailored for an enterprise team.

No credit card required.

Boost your sales process with personalized details.

Custom deal stages

Choose the default titles for stages: Qualified Lead, Proposal, Contract, and Signed. Or you can customize these deal stage titles to suit your team’s sales language.

Your logo, your colors

Tailor the entire Pipeline CRM interface to match your company brand colors – or any colors you like. You can also replace the Pipeline CRM logo in the top left with your own logo or company name.

User permissions

Assign permissions for your team members to set what they can see and do within the application. Only those with Executive permission can view all deals, contacts, and leads without restriction.

Recurring custom fields

Prioritize the customer details that are most important to your business. You can create up to 25 custom fields that will automatically appear on every deal page, such as primary contact information, industry, currency type – anything you need.

Easy data views

Filters let you get right to the data you need. For example, find people with your zip code, or high-priority deals in the negotiation stage. Then save and share filters, so you can easily get to these preferred list views.

One-click activity notes

Add your most frequent notes as “one-click” activities to save time. Instead of manually typing each time, select that you “made a phone call,” “visited site,” or whatever your most common tasks are.

Ready To Put Some Wins On The Board?

Easy to get started with no setup or hidden costs, and no engineering resources required.

No credit card required.

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