Build a Customized Sales Process

Customer Relationship Management
Choose the data you need to see every day, custom name each field, and even change the colors to suit your brand! Change as much or as little as you like according to your needs.


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Customer Relationship Management
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Unlock the Potential of Your Business

Tailor your sales process with custom CRM software

Customizations support the way you do business.

By tailoring Pipeline CRM to your specific needs, sales teams can close more deals faster by improving efficiency, enhancing customer experiences, and gaining actionable insights from your Pipeline CRM data.

  • Optimize time by focusing sales efforts on the right accounts
  • Collect and track specific details that are vital for decision-making
  • Deliver a unified customer experience with all teams on the same page
  • Develop and maintain relationships with your loyal customers
  • Provide more responsive customer service with better insights
  • Deliver exactly what’s needed with custom reporting

Pick Your CRM Features

Customize the most efficient sales process for your business

Personalize Your Dashboard

Simplify your workflow with mission-critical information displayed on your home dashboard. Customize it by adding saved list views, reports, goals, and more.

Define Your Deal Stages

Customize your sales process by editing and adding new deal stages, deal statuses, and deal loss reasons. Indicate how likely a deal is to close based on a probability percentage associated with each deal stage.

Arrange Views Your Way

Order information in your List Views the way you need to see it. List Views are filtered, sorted, and organized based on your custom CRM data fields and system defaults.

Collect Unique Attributes

Track data specific to your industry, company, or personal workflow. Record valuable information like product interest or personal details for relationships like birthdays or hobbies.

Streamline Record Input

Customizing record creation forms save time and energy by collecting only what is needed. Make certain fields required, or rearrange and hide fields you don’t need when updating records

Customize Reporting

Create reports to fit your needs. Customize the data segments you need, as well as how they appear in your visual analysis. Easily add and use custom fields in your reports.

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Jennifer Vo,

Group ISO

“My sales team loves the convenience and ease of use that Pipeline CRM brings.”

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