Automate Sales Workflows

Sales automation is key to efficient sales, saving time and enhancing productivity. Pipeline CRM optimizes workflows, allowing for focused selling and multi-channel lead engagement. It supports your team with reminders, suggested actions, and easy progress tracking, leading to successful deal closures.


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Unlock Efficiency:
Transform Your Sales Workflow Today

Allow your sales team to focus on their most valuable tasks

Streamlined pipeline

Let Pipeline CRM facilitate your sales process by automatically assigning tasks and updating leads as they move through the sales pipeline. Get real-time visibility into your pipeline, from start to finish. Learn more

Shared updates

Update once, update everywhere. Automated actions will instantly notify sales managers and other team members when deals are closed, milestones are reached, and more.

'Next step' suggestions

Automatically prompt the next move on a deal. Pipeline CRM will help your salespeople maintain focus and stay on track with the best action to take at every stage in the process.

Recurring deals

Have clients on a retainer, or recurring deals? Traditional sales workflows struggle to support recurring revenue models, but Pipeline CRM can instantly create a new deal when a recurring deal closes.

Bulk uploads

No need to add your clients manually. We get it, the thought of onboarding new software can be scary. But with Pipeline CRM you can bulk upload your existing contacts, and they’re all in our system in minutes. Learn more

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Haittam George Greib

Prestige Worldwide Logistics

“Our outside reps are managing their deals and leads just as efficiently as our in-house reps because of Pipeline CRM. We’re very happy with Pipeline CRM and you will be, too!”

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Workflow Automations

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