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Customer relationship management software helps you stay on top of everything – freight, cargo, importing, exporting, shipping, 3PL, and more – all in one place. Your unique process deserves a CRM powerful enough to supplement your sales cycle, and intelligent enough to manage all the contacts in your supply chain and serve you as the ultimate Transport and Logistics CRM software.

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Transport and Logistics CRM

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Transportation CRM

Why Choose Pipeline for Your Transport and Logistics CRM

Transportation CRM

Sales, production, and supply chain are just a few touchpoints in a transportation and logistics company’s workflow. The miscommunication between departments often causes bottlenecks and late deliveries. Pipeline is a dedicated CRM for transport and logistics companies. Our tool serves as a communication and file-sharing hub, tearing down silos and providing complete transparency for team collaboration.

Managing large shipments can be a handful, and spreadsheets are not the solution. With Pipeline’s transport and logistics CRM, you can get instant notifications of any changes in the sales pipelines and team tasks. This will help your team react in real-time to solve delivery issues, prioritize urgent tasks, and continuously maintain customer satisfaction.

From shipping rates to volume, frequency, and special handling instructions, every order comes with unique details that can’t be ignored. With the right custom CRM software for logistics, you can customize each deal to match the clients’ unique shipping needs

Crystal McLoughlin,
Corporate Sales Manager at PACE

“When I first started, PACE was a 6-million-dollar company. This last year we hit the 100-million-dollar mark. So, we’ve had exponential growth over a five-year span.​”

Go the Distance with a CRM for Transport and Logistics Companies

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Give your team more time to focus on connecting with clients, and let Pipeline CRM manage the tedious tasks. Our smart automation solution enables you to create repetitive orders, generate payment confirmations, track links, and more on auto-pilot. Set it up once and enjoy the benefits every day.

Whether your teams work from behind a desk or a wheel, they will never stay out of touch. Our mobile CRM notifies your field workers about routes, traffic, and weather changes, so they can stay on track of delivery schedules. They can also capture and share important documents (e.g., proof of deliveries and receipts) on the go, reducing paperwork and manual entry.

Effective routing can cut expenses and delivery time. Pipeline CRM provides in-depth reporting to help you analyze past routes and shipment schedules to plan the most efficient workflow. Leverage these insights to uncover golden opportunities and possible risks, such as underutilized loads and resources.


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Automotive Industry

In a highly competitive, bid-driven business, Pipeline CRM helps them deliver and communicate superior value to customers.

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Transportation and Logistics Industry

Trailer Bridge increased productivity by 100% and expanded its transportation and logistics operations by streamlining its sales process with Pipeline CRM.

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Transportation and Logistics Industry

The organizational channels built into Pipeline CRM has allowed for major growth.

The complex nature of logistics companies demands structured CRM software to simplify and organize business processes. 


From the point of origin to buyer consumption, a logistics company deals with transportation, supply chain, and tracking management, among other areas. This long and complicated process can easily get lost without a proper management system.


A CRM for logistics companies gives you a 360-degree view of all business operations. You can easily add, edit, and track all leads, ensuring the goods are delivered safely and promptly.

The high level of customization makes Pipeline CRM a stellar CRM for logistics and transportation companies. 


For example, you can rename the bid stage according to your team’s language, add custom fields to add detailed information, change currencies (perfect for international businesses), and even manage multiple pipelines simultaneously.


Our user-friendly CRM tool also comes with zero initial costs and engineering resources. In just 48 hours, you can start using Pipeline CRM to boost your productivity and delight customers.


💡 Together with Pipeline CRM, a US-based logistics company increased its agent partnership rate by 63%. Read the fascinating story here.

Pipeline CRM offers customizable features that are robust to accommodate all your logistics and transportation needs, including:


  • Multiple pipelines: effortlessly track several sales with multiple pipelines, for example, one for repeat orders, one for special orders, and one for delayed orders. 


  • Smart ‘home’ tab: view the critical tasks anytime from the ‘home’ tab. Spot new revenue opportunities, track your salespeople’s performance, and more in one place.


  • Accurate tracking and reporting: discover why some bids are lost and some won big. See which jobs are worth chasing and areas that still need improvement.