Pipeline CRM Customer Success Stories

More than 18,000 users are closing more deals with Pipeline CRM.

Professional Services Industry

Pipeline CRM Onboarding Services handles the CRM implementation for PremCom, giving the company pipeline visibility of 100% and getting systems up and running in a matter of weeks.

Construction Industry

Leading Pacific Northwest construction company improves time-to-close by more than 50% while continually offering remarkable customer service.

Transportation Industry

Within a year, VRS Trucking boosts customers 10x. Up to 30 staff members work on one customer record instantaneously.

Sales Consulting Industry

Australia-based SG Partners remains a global leader in specialized organizational consulting, with Pipeline CRM as its preferred CRM offering for small and midsize businesses.

Sports Industry

By gaining pipeline visibility, two sports-focused companies are on track to reach a 20% boost in sales by next year.

Manufacturing Industry

When The Garland Company implemented Pipeline CRM, its sales teams experienced a high 90% end-user adoption rate which improved their sales process.

Contractor Industry

Washington D.C. based marketing consulting firm, A David Creation, has helped a loyal customer base of painting contractors reach their sales & marketing goals by introducing Pipeline CRM.

Logistics Industry

When GlobalTranz, a top 3PL solutions provider, implemented Pipeline CRM, its agent recruiting team achieved a 63% boost in partnerships with revenue-generating agents.

Transportation and Logistics Industry

Trailer Bridge increased productivity by 100% and expanded its transportation and logistics operations by streamlining its sales process with Pipeline CRM.

Digital Marketing Industry

Wire Stone takes their daily activity up a notch by taking full advantage of Pipeline CRM.

Manufacturing Industry

When TENMAT adopted Pipeline CRM, the manufacturer of advanced materials experienced a sales boost of 30% and a conversion rate jump of 20%.

Manufacturing and Lighting Industry

After implementing Pipeline CRM, WLS Companies has expanded its team by 30%, experienced a 100% increase in company efficiency and remains poised to reach impressive profit goals.

Solar Industry

Before Pipeline CRM, they struggled with an inefficient system of paper service sheets and Excel spreadsheets.

High-Tech Industry

Evergrowth accelerates B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) startups across Europe by helping sales and marketing teams develop predictable sales pipelines within a data-driven sales framework.

Software Industry

Pipeline CRM has helped 8th Light manage their growth by making it easy to see what needs to be prioritized and run monthly reports for board meetings.

Manufacturing Industry

Vermeer led an extensive research process of surveying managers on what they wanted in a CRM.

Marketing Industry

MGECOM relies on Pipeline CRM to tell their salespeople what they need to do and when they need to do it.

Estate Sales Industry

MaxSold grows their business by almost a 100% margin when switching to Pipeline CRM.

Manufacturing Industry

Cornerstone has seen their time-to-close metric drop from an average of 42 days to just 24 days.

Automotive Industry

In a highly competitive, bid-driven business, Pipeline CRM helps them deliver and communicate superior value to customers.

Contracting Industry

Bay Area Underpinning increased sales 15-20% by using Pipeline CRM.

B2B Commerce Industry

With Pipeline CRM, StockPKG has been able to institute a simple, scalable process to overcome this challenge and maximize reorders.

Construction Industry

The family-owned company outgrew Excel spreadsheets and chose Pipeline CRM.

Logistics Industry

The organizational channels built into Pipeline CRM has allowed for major growth.

Painting & Construction Industry

Pipeline CRM has helped Webfoot Painting sustain 35% year-over-year growth on its journey to become one of Central Oregon’s premier painting and construction firms.

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