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We have the ideal CRM for landscapers.

Managing a landscaping company goes beyond planting trees or installing water features. That’s why you need a CRM for landscaping contractors to handle your projects, teams, invoices, payroll, and other tasks under one roof. Leverage Pipeline CRM ‘s unique features to better allocate your time for critical tasks, and our mobile app to keep your team on their toes.

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CRM for Landscaping Contractors

CRM for Landscapers

Pipeline CRM is here for you and your team

Know what bids are in the works.​

Keep track of what bids and estimates are in the works all in one place. When you close a new deal, put it at the top of mind for the crew handling it to ensure a smooth handoff. Pipeline landscaper CRM software helps you to plan ahead for upcoming jobs to integrate them into your current routes and make sure they get the resources they need.

Manage everything about a job in one place.​

Manage your accounts and record every interaction to ensure a job well done. Keep track of resources, timelines, and customer expectations in one integrated job profile. Track a deal from estimate to completion in a centralized location so those who need it can access it. Explore all of our CRM features.


Customer stories

What Our Valued
Customers Are Saying

Jeff Vaughn

Jeff Vaughn,
Vice President of Sales at Trailer Bridge

“Our sales process is so streamlined that we increased productivity 100%

Customer stories

What Our Valued
Customers Are Saying


Marco Kristen,
Marketing Director at TENMAT

“Our sales went up 30% with the same amount of people and resources”

Customer stories

What Our Valued
Customers Are Saying


Kim Hicks,
Sales Administrator at Cornerstone Flooring

“With Pipeline, we’re closing deals much faster and communicating better.”

CRM for Landscapers

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Contractor Industry​

Washington D.C. based marketing consulting firm, A David Creation, has helped a loyal customer base of painting contractors reach their sales & marketing goals by introducing Pipeline CRM.

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Painting & Construction Industry

Pipeline CRM has helped Webfoot Painting sustain 35% year-over-year growth on its journey to become one of Central Oregon’s premier painting and construction firms.
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Bay Area Underpinning increased sales 15-20% by using Pipeline CRM.

Landscaping contractors should use CRM software to improve communication and project management quality.


The wide variety of landscaping projects often demands dynamic scheduling for your workers, materials, and equipment. With a landscaper CRM, businesses can manage their projects effortlessly, allowing the team to precisely know what they need to do to get the job done.


Furthermore, a CRM tool hosts all communication touchpoints, ensuring barrier-free communications with the team, clients, and external suppliers. As a result, this streamlined workflow accelerates project closings and strengthens business relationships.

Pipeline CRM is an excellent choice for landscaping contractors because it offers powerful data and team management.


Bigger business means more data to handle—and spreadsheets aren’t made to handle this immense workload. On the contrary, Pipeline CRM is robust to organize all your data in a centralized hub. This includes clients’ information (e.g., design preferences and expected timelines), employee schedules (e.g., workload and agenda), and project details (e.g., the project’s scopes and budgets).


For instance, your field workers can update project progress in real-time via our mobile app, and your office teams can process this to order new materials, send extra crews, and more—guaranteeing you hit the goals on time and on a high note.


💡 Pipeline CRM helped this construction business increase its sales by 20%. Read the inspiring success story here.

Pipeline CRM provides landscaping contractors with a range of powerful features to optimize their operations, including:


  • SuperShare: accelerate the money-making actions by sharing data across the team, even with those outside your company.


  • Powerful activity tracking: track your team’s performance across time and for any custom data point you want. Then, create comparison charts to come up with data-driven business decisions.


  • Broad integration options: from syncing your contacts and calendar with Gmail to easily generating invoices and business forecasts with Quickbooks, Pipeline CRM offers plenty of integration options to boost productivity.