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Imagine a sales process that’s both simplified and more efficient. Pipeline CRM helps you visualize and understand your sales pipeline in order to grow your business. It’s everything a modern sales team needs. 

As a salesperson, you’ll have the tools to organize and develop customer relationships. And sales managers will gain unparalleled visibility into each stage of their team’s sales pipeline.

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Easily manage each stage of your pipeline.

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Multiple Pipelines

Accurately track multiple sales workflows for your different processes, products, and services. Boost productivity as you keep track of every opportunity and manage the post-sale delivery process with ease. Develop plan includes two Pipelines. Grow users have access to five Pipelines.
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Morning Coffee Report & Home tab

Get a head start on each day. Your Morning Coffee Report is a daily email overview of yesterday’s success and the latest numbers to move the needle today. Or get a view of ‘mission critical’ items anytime in the Home tab. View new revenue opportunities, track your salespeople’s performance, and more in one place.
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Robust Deal Profile pages

Track each deal’s progress on its own Deal Profile page featuring the right data to help you work smarter. There are 12 standard data fields and options for customization. Grow users unlock Deal Intelligence fields to close deals even faster.
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Powerful Reporting

Gain control of your pipeline with advanced visual reporting. Compare the performance of salespeople, predict future deals, determine if your team is on track to hit quota, view patterns of successful deals, and more. Learn more
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Real-time status updates

View all the latest activity on your deals, as your team updates them. Spend more time analyzing data than tracking it down. Updates are available to everyone on your team assigned to the Deal.
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Mobile CRM & App

Manage your pipeline on the go. Access Pipeline CRM when you’re in the office, at home, or on the road with our Mobile CRM. Download our iPhone or Android apps to access your sales pipeline from your mobile device or tablet. Learn more

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Action items

Map, record, and see every stage of the sale as it progresses through your sales pipeline. Monitor how many deals are in each stage so that salespeople have the information they need to prioritize their activity and reduce dry spells. Quickly see how deals are progressing and take action!

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