Contact Management​​

Never lose track of another relationship.

Contact Management

Building and nurturing your relationships with existing customers is just as important as getting new leads. Easily keep on top of all your customer relationships with Pipeline CRM. With a detailed view of your accounts, you can recognize upsell opportunities and grow your business. 

Plus, with our team-centric accounts you can quickly transfer knowledge across your team to strategize together. You know your customers are your gold. We’ll help you treat them like it.

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Contact Management


Grow your accounts
with contact management tools

Home tab​

Select your ‘home’ dashboard for a quick overview of day-to-day activities anytime. And you can prioritize items important to your process, such as recognizing at-risk deals and upsell opportunities.

Document the details​

Attach notes to your contacts, such as job titles, birthdays, and social media accounts. Instead of relying on your memory for these details, trust Pipeline CRM to be your assistant.

Real-time notifications​

Get notified of important meetings and milestones. Exceed your customers’ expectations by always being one step ahead. Add any item you’d like as a reminder.

Central hub​

Manage your relationships in one place. Access your business contact details, track your deals, and respond to their emails using Pipeline CRM. You can view individual details or get a high-level view of your entire pipeline.

Team collaboration​

Deliver a seamless customer handoff between sales and account management for an amazing client experience. Collaborate on ways to improve relationship with co-workers.

Starred Lists​

When you identify your best customers, there’s better chance of building the relationship. Add certain contacts to priority lists such as, ‘No Messages Sent for 30 Days’ or ‘Follow Up in 7 Days,’ so you never lose track.

Haittam George Greib,

Prestige Worldwide Logistics

“Since we started using Pipeline CRM, our cold calls and sales have increased significantly! We’re able to monitor our daily calls, deals, and upload documents that our team can access anywhere.”