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Pipedrive vs Pipeline

As a comprehensive sales CRM software, Pipeline CRM stands out as a great alternative to Copper CRM. Offering similar advanced features, Pipeline CRM distinguishes itself with wider integration options and a more affordable price point. By centralizing all your sales activities in one platform, Pipeline CRM boosts productivity and enhances sales performance.

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Pipeline CRM vs Copper CRM
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Pipeline CRM vs. Copper CRM Comparison

Disclaimer: was last verified on 12/02/2024. To report any incorrect or outdated information, please contact us.

Pipeline CRM Copper
Price per user /mo

Start Plan - $25

Develop Plan - $33

Grow Plan - $49

Basic Plan - $23

Professional Plan - $59

Business Plan -  $99


25 custom fields for Start Plan

With conditional and required field features

10 custom fields for Basic Plan

Goals and reporting

All plans
(only Goal Dashboard in Start Plan)

Only in Professional and Business Plans


All plans

Limited in Basic Plan

Email marketing

With AI Email Assistant writing feature in all plans

Doesn’t offer AI Email Assistant writing feature

Integrations options

Full integration options for all plans

Only Google Workspace and Zapier integration in the Basic Plan


Limited options in the Professional Plan

Customer support

All plans

All plans

Why is Pipeline CRM a Smart Investment?

Unlike Copper, Pipeline CRM offers over 30 integration options, including web forms, accounting, and marketing automation, all available for every plan.

For only $49 per month (Grow Plan), you can access all of Pipeline CRM’s features, making Pipeline CRM one of the best CRMs for sales teams in various industries.

Copper only offers limited deal customization options and Zapier integration for Basic Plan users. 


Additionally, if you want to enjoy all Copper’s features, you need to spend $99 per month (Business Plan).


Considering the limitations and high price, Copper may not be suitable for businesses looking for affordable sales CRM with powerful features.

CRM Leader Leader
Pipeline CRM's commitment to simplicity, coupled with its versatile capabilities, makes it an indispensable tool for streamlining my workflow and optimizing my customer relationship management processes.
— G2, validated reviewer, December 14, 2023

What Our Customers Are Saying

Regional Sales Director
Regional Sales Director
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
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“Very flexible CRM that’s easy to navigate”

What do you like best?
In my last position, I had a CRM that would not allow you to adjust a prior entry, and it led to a convoluted system with multiple entries for one conversation. Pipeline CRM allows the flexibility to enter now and adjust later, which is a lifesaver for a sales rep that's constantly being pulled in a million directions.

What do you dislike?
I'm still working on figuring out how to adjust the criteria for starred lists, but I think that's just a personal shortcoming [...].

What problems is Pipeline CRM solving, and how is that benefiting you?
I'm working with quite a bit of data entry, so Pipeline CRM has been a big help in allowing me to segment my thoughts and stay organized from case to case.

Source: G2
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
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“Excellent CRM option”

What do you like best?
Pipeline CRM offers a pleasant and very intuitive user experience. It can be adapted in the best way to my needs and tastes. [...] I can create custom departments for companies, clients, and offers.

What do you dislike?
The reminder system is not the most optimal, but the software has very few negative aspects.

What problems is Pipeline CRM solving, and how is that benefiting you?
It is ideal for organizing everything in chronological order and for efficiently managing the views. It has excellent integration with MailChimp, QuickBooks, and Excel. They also have a first-rate customer service.

Source: G2

Does the Thought of Switching CRMs Seem Daunting?

It doesn't have to be. We offer additional Jumpstart Services to get you started.

Step 1

Kickoff Call

Tell us about your business needs

Step 2

Custom Buildout

We'll do a custom build out and transfer your existing data.

Step 3

Employee Training

We'll even train your team and answer every single question.

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Award-Winning Support

Unlimited Chat, and Email Support for Everyone

Our award-winning support team is here for you (M-F 8-8) no matter what plan you may be on. We provide the same personalized, expert-level care to every single user, regardless of account size and tier.

Email Performance Tracking & Templates

Don't let another deal fall through the cracks.

ppl 2111 lp smartagenda v2gif

Track open and click rates to gain insights on which emails yield the best results. Then turn them into shareable, plug-and-play templates and watch your marketing ROI soar.

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new all deals list view p 500 2

Loss Tracking Technology

new all deals list view p 500 2

Which deals are headed for the danger zone?

Get x-ray insights into why deals are going cold and at which stage with our Deal Intelligence fields. This powerful, customizable coaching tool flags the clogs and leaks so your team can rescue the deal BEFORE it’s too late. Like the bat signal —but more profitable.


Cut back on time sucking admin + related guesswork.

ppl 2111 lp hindsightfeatures v2gif
Smart agenda intuitively builds a to-do list WHILE you go about your day. The result: A reliable lineup of only needle-moving sales activities waiting for you. Every. Single. Day. So you can do what you do best… admin sell.
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Easy Integrations

Tools You Already Know How to Use

We’ve built sales enablement tools for 15 years and listened to our customers every step of the way. The result is easy to use, customizable, and fluff-free.

Seamlessly integrate or migrate.

Improve Organization

customer profile

Organize your B2B sales team for success using Pipeline CRM’s custom organizational features that can be easily configured to fit the nuances of your sales pipeline, so you can spend more time building relationships with your prospects.


Feel confident in knowing that you have chosen the best CRM for your business needs today and rest assured that when you grow, it’ll grow with you.

customer profile


Top features to help you
automate your sales process

Allow your sales team to focus on their most valuable tasks

Email Campaigns & Tracking

Track all your email messages, opens, clicks, and downloads automatically as activities in your account.

Custom Fields

Prioritize the customer details that are most important to your business. You can create up to 25 custom fields that will automatically appear on every deal page.

Easy Integrations

From Gmail to QuickBooks, Pipeline CRM offers popular integrations with email providers, marketing, and sales software

Sales Forecasting

When you understand past trends, you’ll be able to confidently forecast the salespeople on track to hit quota.

Track Commissions

Automate sales commissions to reduce cost and increase transparency for remote sales teams.

Custom Deal Stages

Choose the default titles for stages: Qualified Lead, Proposal, Contract, and Signed. Or you can customize these deal stage titles to suit your team’s sales language.

Unlimited Files Storage

We offer unlimited data storage for growing sales teams without any data caps. Feel free to store all your documents, images, and communication records without additional charges.

User Permissions

Assign permissions for your team members to set what they can see and do within the application.

Mobile App

Pipeline CRM mobile CRM for iOS and Android helps you stay on top of your sales while you’re out doing your job.

What our valued customers are saying


Marco Kristen

Marketing Director at TENMAT

Our sales went up 30% with the same amount of people and resources.


Kim Hicks

Sales Administrator at Cornerstone Flooring

With Pipeline, we're closing deals much faster and communicating better.


Jeff Vaughn

Vice President of Sales at Trailer Bridge

Our sales process is so streamlined that we increased productivity 100%.