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Pipeline CRM’s mobile app streamlines sales on-the-go for iOS and Android users. Easily manage contacts, access customer and deal information, and gain real-time insights to close deals efficiently. Optimized for mobile use, it offers customizable features for quick, essential data access anytime, anywhere.


No credit card required.

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Simple and sales-focused
mobile features.

Allow your sales team to focus on their most valuable tasks

Mobile business card scanner

With the mobile business card scanner you can go from card to Pipeline CRM contact instantly. You can create CRM contacts from business card photos you’ve taken in the past. Add multiple new contacts without leaving the app.

Nearby geolocation feature

Instantly access a map of a contact’s location from Pipeline’s CRM leading CRM mobile app. View multiple contact locations where you are, help your sales team meet clients faster, and make the most use of their time out in the field.

One-click activity notes

Save time by adding your most frequent notes as “one-click” activities. Instead of manually typing, with just one click you can add common activities such as “made a phone call” or “signed contract”.

Talk-to-text records

Record and store all of your field sales activities while it’s fresh in your mind, and it will be converted to text. No more manually typing in your notes while you’re on the go.

Real-time notifications

Receive phone alerts when someone mentions you on a lead, contact, or ongoing deal. Stay up-to-date with recently won or lost deals, stage changes, and more pipeline updates.

Tasks and calendars

Update, organize, and view your calendar from the app. Get quicker access to priority contacts and leads you’ve recently interacted with.

Smart search

Save time by using one search bar for everything. Find your People, Companies, and Deals quickly and easily within our universal search bar on mobile.

Unlimited free mobile CRM access for all users. Download today:

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Jennifer Vo,

Group ISO

“My sales team loves the convenience and ease of use that Pipeline CRM brings.”