Automate Sales &
Marketing Emails

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Finally, email marketing that’s effortless! Save time by automating sales and marketing efforts with Email Sync and Email Drip Campaigns. Polish and refine your campaigns with insights from in-app Email Reporting.


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Perfect Your Email Marketing Strategy

Spend less time on emails and more time closing deals.

Automate Lead Engagement

Engage More Effectively: Boost lead engagement with automation that helps you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Welcome New Contacts

Start Things Off Right: Engage new contacts with a welcoming message that sets the tone and build lasting relationships with a friendly and personal message.

Smarter Email Marketing

The Power of Comparison: Improve your email campaigns and boost engagement with A/B testing that helps you refine your messaging and targeting.

Advanced Rules & Conditions

Manage your email list like a pro by deciding who gets your emails and removing unwanted contacts. And ensure your messages reach the right audience with complete control.

Bring Leads Back to Life

Re-engage lost leads and contacts to tap into new opportunities and grow your business. You can create targeted and personalized re-engagement campaigns that are designed to bring your leads back to life.

See it in Action

Explore our interactive demo and discover how email drip campaigns can transform your sales efforts.
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Jennifer Vo,

Group ISO

“My sales team loves the convenience and ease of use that Pipeline CRM brings.”