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QuickBooks Integration with Pipeline CRM

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Integration by Pipeline CRM

Pipeline CRM integrates with QuickBooks® Online. Give your sales team early access to sales forecasts, instantly share won deals, and generate proposals and invoices seamlessly with a CRM integration with QuickBooks.

Two-way QuickBooks
CRM integration

Work smarter with a real-time, two-way QuickBooks CRM integration. From Pipeline, you can now view, create and send proposals and invoices – and more!
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Work in Real-Time with QuickBooks 2-way Sync

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Send Proposals

Set proposal reminders and manage everything in one place.
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Click to Convert

Instantly advance your deal by converting proposals to invoices
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Check Paid Status

Did they send payment? Stay informed with status updates.

Get the QuickBooks CRM Integration

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How does the QuickBooks CRM Integration Work?

  1. Bi-Directional Sync allows you to choose whether you want to sync from Pipeline to QuickBooks, from QuickBooks to Pipeline or Both Ways
  2. Ability to view, create, and send proposals and invoices
  3. Ability to convert proposals to invoices directly from Pipeline
  4. Additional information including status, the option to void, delete or download proposals and invoices
  5. Configurable permissions for admins and non admin users

FAQs - Pipeline CRM and QuickBooks Integration

As a CRM that integrates with QuickBooks, Pipeline CRM offers the following key features:

  • Bi-directional sync of sales and accounting data
  • Easily create, send, and track the status of invoices and proposal
  • Convert proposals to invoices directly from Pipeline CRM
  • Configurable permissions for admins and non-admin users

Here’s how you can integrate Quickbooks with Pipeline CRM:

  • Find QuickBooks on the Pipeline CRM App Store and install it
  • Log in using your QuickBooks credential
  • Go to Configure > QuickBooks Online API > Connect
  • Enter your QuickBooks login details and test the connection
  • Go to Settings > Import QuickBooks data
  • Return to the App Store, find QuickBooks, and toggle integration on

See the step-by-step video tutorial here.

No, there isn’t an additional cost for Pipeline CRM and QuickBooks integration. It is included in all plans and available to all Pipeline CRM users. Visit the Pipeline CRM pricing page for a breakdown of our plans.