Email Sync

Manage emails in your sales pipeline.

Pipeline CRM syncs with your sales emails. Send, receive, and track your emails in the same place you track your pipeline: with Pipeline CRM email sync. This way, there’s no more switching back and forth or spending hours looking for important emails. Email sync streamlines your workflow. The full history of your sales communication is in one easy-to-filter place, and less deals slip through the cracks as a result. Pipeline CRM email sync feature integrates with cloud-based email applications like Gmail and Outlook.

No credit card required.

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Boost your sales process
with personalized details

Allow your sales team to focus on their most valuable tasks. Sync sales emails with Pipeline CRM.

Automate Email Campaigns

Effectively engage using automation. 

Use filters to target groups and send personalized emails to a predefined list. Track and monitor campaign success, and adjust email campaigns using A/B testing.

Boost Lead Engagement

Deliver the right message to the right person, at the right time. Build relationships with rightly timed welcome emails, or increase revenue with automated nurture campaigns.

Propel Deals with In-App Alerts

Track all your email messages, opens, clicks, and downloads automatically! Get notifications on prospect activities, and identify who to advance through your pipeline.

Bring Leads Back to Life

Re-engage lost leads and contacts to tap into new opportunities. Create targeted and personalized re-engagement campaigns designed to bring your leads back to life.

Collaborate with Your Team

Reuse and share your most successful email templates with your team. Add team members to certain deals so they can see new emails instantly.

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Jennifer Vo,

Group ISO

“My sales team loves the convenience and ease of use that Pipeline CRM brings.”