Pipeline CRM for
Real Estate Agents and Property Developers

As a real estate agent, 42% of your earnings can come from repeat clients and referrals. With Pipeline CRM, you can leverage that and more.

Gain the trust that makes property buyers and sellers confidently sign the contract. 

From handling multiple listings to scheduling appointments to writing follow-up emails—Pipeline CRM gives your property and estate agents full control of every element in their sales workflow.

No credit card required.

crm for real estate

CRM for Real Estate Agents and Property Developers

Get more deals. Double your revenue.

A simple real estate CRM with easy installation at an affordable price. Get up and running in just 48 hours—license fee starts from $1.10 per salesperson per day!

Build Trustworthy Relationships

Customizable Contacts and Listings

Add personal notes to contacts and property lists, such as the listing’s best features, the seller’s expected timeline and reasons for selling, and the buyer’s interests, budgets, job titles, and more. Having key data allows you to conveniently search for qualified leads directly from your contacts—turning one-time sellers or buyers into repeat ones.

Centralized Communications

Switching from emails to calls to social media can easily make you lose track of conversations and deal statuses. Pipeline CRM enables you to connect and log all your communications in one place, so you can easily continue where you left off. Use this information to set up time-based emails (e.g., one week without response) or action-based emails (e.g., after an open house) to nurture your leads and keep the relationships open.

Segment And Track Leads

Provide the right approach to every deal in your sales pipeline based on the assigned customized tags. For instance, top-funnel leads (updates on finding a perfect house), mid-funnel leads (make a quick call to check on the sent proposal), and bottom-funnel leads (answer detailed inquiries to ensure the contract will be signed).

Customer stories

What Our Valued
Customers Are Saying

Jeff Vaughn

Jeff Vaughn,
Vice President of Sales at Trailer Bridge

“Our sales process is so streamlined that we increased productivity 100%

Customer stories

What Our Valued
Customers Are Saying


Marco Kristen,
Marketing Director at TENMAT

“Our sales went up 30% with the same amount of people and resources”

Customer stories

What Our Valued
Customers Are Saying


Kim Hicks,
Sales Administrator at Cornerstone Flooring

“With Pipeline, we’re closing deals much faster and communicating better.”

One Hub to Manage and Process Tasks

Smart Agenda

Pipeline CRM generates your daily agenda intuitively throughout the day. You can quickly access your dashboard tab to see who to contact and when, where to go, your urgent tasks, deal statuses, and much more.

Email Campaign Tracking

Send and track emails effortlessly. Filter contacts by categories to quickly announce a lucrative property that just became available or automatically pull in data from web forms to send open-house invitations in bulk. You’ll be notified when leads interact with the emails, so you won’t lose the momentum to secure the deals.

Accurate Reporting

See the performance of your agents and sales pipelines in detail with Pipeline CRM’s accurate reporting. Find out who is responsible for which property, who are your top realtors, and which deals need urgent attention. Easily calculate the commissions, selling fees, and conversion rates to strategically plan your next steps—guaranteeing you’ll hit your monthly target revenue.

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david creation 100

Contractor Industry​

Washington D.C. based marketing consulting firm, A David Creation, has helped a loyal customer base of painting contractors reach their sales & marketing goals by introducing Pipeline CRM.

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Painting & Construction Industry

Pipeline CRM has helped Webfoot Painting sustain 35% year-over-year growth on its journey to become one of Central Oregon’s premier painting and construction firms.
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Contracting Industry​

Bay Area Underpinning increased sales 15-20% by using Pipeline CRM.