CRM for Wholesale and Distribution Industries

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Wholesale and Distribution crm

Pipeline CRM is easy to use, yet powerful CRM software ideal for wholesale and distribution businesses. With unique customization options to meet your needs, Pipeline CRM makes it easy to manage customer relationships, track sales, and streamline your workflow. Every member of your team can be on the same page with features such as conversation history tracking, deal progress tracking, and communication management.


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Wholesale and Distribution crm

CRM for wholesale and distribution

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Increase Sales Efficacy With CRM for Wholesalers and Distributors

Transportation CRM

As the intermediary between manufacturers and retailers, wholesalers and distributors have complex partnership challenges. Not only do they have to break the internal communication barriers, but also external ones. Pipeline’s distribution CRM software, for example, connects all communication channels, enabling everyone to respond promptly to any development about leads or orders.

The market is volatile. If you aren’t careful, you can jeopardize your wholesale and distribution company overnight. A dedicated CRM for wholesalers like Pipeline helps you monitor the market, your sales performance, and your product inventory. You’ll know what’s coming, what’s in stock, and when to buy or sell for maximized profits.

Whether it’s new sales, upsells, or cross-sells, constantly adding new orders to your sales funnel is challenging. Pipeline CRM for distributors helps you nurture leads through accurate lead segmentation and campaign tracking. You’ll be notified whenever your prospect opens an email, allowing you to act quickly and maximize their buying interest.

Crystal McLoughlin,
Corporate Sales Manager at PACE

“When I first started, PACE was a 6-million-dollar company. This last year we hit the 100-million-dollar mark. So, we’ve had exponential growth over a five-year span.​”

Gain Actionable Insights with CRM for Wholesalers and Distributors.

crm for wholesalers

From contact management to leads and team management, Pipeline CRM is your go-to place to store and manage all sales-related data. You can connect your favorite third-party apps to Pipeline CRM for seamless workflows, give specific permissions to external partners, and store documents in our unlimited file storage.

Analyzing the changes in supply and demand is critical to owning the market. Pipeline CRM provides accurate past trends reports, and helps identify opportunities and warning signals. For instance, use our Sales Forecasting feature to manage warehouse inventory better, calculate maximum profit margins, and decide when to stock up or bulk-sell specific items.

Pipeline CRM’s email marketing helps you spark engagement with new contacts, foster a stronger connection with current contacts, or bring idle prospects back to life. Create the emails on the go or choose a template. Then, select the trigger: time-based (e.g., for follow-up emails) or action-based (e.g., after placing an order). Your message will be sent automatically to the right person at the right time.

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crm for wholesalers

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trailer bridge 100

Transportation and Logistics Industry

Trailer Bridge increased productivity by 100% and expanded its transportation and logistics operations by streamlining its sales process with Pipeline CRM.

pace 100

Logistics Industry

The organizational channels built into Pipeline CRM has allowed for major growth.

carolina 100

Automotive Industry

In a highly competitive, bid-driven business, Pipeline CRM helps them deliver and communicate superior value to customers.

CRM software helps wholesalers and distributors solve their most crucial pain point: simplifying and organizing the sales process.


As the intermediary between manufacturers and retailers, wholesalers and distributors need a system that is both structured and flexible to manage all sales-related activities. This is where CRM takes over the job.


From negotiating purchasing agreements to scheduling transportation and more, all sales-related interactions can be managed under one roof, leading to better visibility and higher productivity.

Wholesalers and distributors should use Pipeline CRM because it gives you the right balance of customization and orderly structure.


For instance, your salespeople can add unique notes to each contact to help them win bids. At the same time, they can use sales templates to ensure all entries are unified across teams. This way, you can treat each lead individually while maintaining the same quality across the board.


💡 Together with Pipeline CRM, many wholesalers and distributor companies surpassed their business goals.


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The best Pipeline CRM features for wholesalers and distributors include: 

  • Real-time status updates: pursue leads while they’re still hot and potentially increase the deal-closing rate. You’ll be notified when your email is opened or a deal status is changed.
  • Custom fields: add client details that are most important to your business. You can create up to 25 custom fields that will automatically appear on every deal page.
  • Detailed reports and goal tracking: view all sales activities from any time period. Analyze them to come up with strategic actions that strengthen your customer relationships.