Sales Team Management

Better team insight, better sales decisions.

Sales Team Management
Pipeline CRM helps you guide your teams and set meaningful objectives for sales people. Establish team activity tracking so you’re always in the know. Eliminate redundancy, delays, and confusion by organizing your team’s collective knowledge and providing a framework for collaborative sales efforts. You’ll get all the information you need to be a successful sales manager, in one place.

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Sales Team Management

Manage your team's daily activities and overall sales goals.

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Account permissions

Set permissions levels that are actually useful and reflect the needs of modern organizational structures: all-access Managers, Users, and Read-only users. As a Manager, you can assign contacts and deals to your team.

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Custom activities

Create an unlimited number of custom activity categories to track the work your sales reps do every day. Choose activities that are significant to your business and contribute most to closing more deals. And you can even group your custom activities together to easily find them.

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Document storage

Collect and store sales documents in one easy-to-access place – from contracts to presentations. With no data storage limits, your team can easily attach every related document to their deals.

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Real-time notifications

You can get notified when an activity is created, a deal is at risk, or someone responds to an activity comment thread that you are on. Give yourself the option to never miss any opportunity to improve your team.

sales team management leaderboard

Goal tracking

Set goals for your sales team and start controlling the direction your company goes. Leaderboards track each individual’s contribution to a company or team objective. Setting and meeting goals makes the sales team a strategic asset in business growth.

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Detailed reports

You can view all sales activity from any time period in a line chart. Sales managers can view activities by salesperson, by team, or for the entire company. Pipeline CRM give you the tools you need to keep moving forward, and jump in with suggestions or reminders as needed. Learn more 

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