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Empowering you to easily share important data with just about anyone you need to. Pipeline CRM customers can view, share, and collaborate on sales pipeline data with external collaborators outside the company. Collaboration is easy, secure, and fast so you can build game changing relationships.


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Collaborate directly from your
Pipeline CRM dashboard. In real-time.

Modern sales pipelines span across multiple companies.​

Quickly grant deal access to those you want to share with.

Securely share deals with any outside partner.

View and add activities to keep deals moving and close faster.

work better

SuperShare gives your business the power
to securely collaborate with trusted businesses.

Pipeline CRM customers on the Develop and Grow plan can:

collaborate smarter and faster

Collaborate smarter and faster.

Share only the CRM data you want to share with outside people you want to share it with.

Boost productivity.

By sharing your deal views quickly, easily and securely — you can improve time to close.

boost productivity
collaborative visibility

Save time by granting collaborative visibility to your sales pipeline.

Ditch spreadsheet downloads, organizing reports, handpicking data, and countless emails.

Gain clarity
and alignment.

Share activities with external collaborators without boundaries.

gain clarity and alignment 1

work better

If you aren't a Pipeline CRM customer (yet),
you win, too.

External collaborators that are granted access to SuperShare can:

collaborative visibility

View data easily
with a collaborative dashboard.

Through an indispensable view, external collaborators can work with CRM data shared by Pipeline CRM customers including the ability to sort data without massive permissions.

See the pipelines you need to see to make better decisions.

Once access is granted from a Pipeline CRM customer, you can view the key details coming down the funnel.

see pipelines
save time

Save time
with powerful Pipeline CRM features.

See List Views from many accounts in one single view and sort accordingly.

Collaborate in real-time without the need to send countless emails or download spreadsheets.

Gain clarity
and alignment.

Share activities with external collaborators without boundaries.

gain clarity and alignment 1