Lead Management​

A more focused process to close more deals.

Lead Management

When you delight your leads from the start you’re more likely to win the deal. Pipeline CRM gives you the all the information you need to track the progress of each lead. 

You’ll receive tips and alerts to respond quicker and communicate better. Plus you’ll know when leads are high-risk, and share real-time updates with your team when you win. Organized information, happy leads, and closed deals make for an efficient sales process.

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Lead Management

lead management crm

Features to help you establish
lead management

Home tab​

Find everything you need in one place. The ‘home’ tab gives you a daily agenda, and helps you make smarter decisions about who to contact and when. It’ll immediately show you where to focus your day to have the biggest impact with your leads.

Priority lists​

Take note of and prioritize important items in your pipeline. Common lists include: Leads No One Has Contacted in 7 Days, Deals Expected to Close This Week, or Deals Closing With No Next Task Set. Track and share lists with your team for even more impact.

Custom deals​

Set up your deals the way that works best for you. Pipeline CRM lets you attach multiple contacts to one deal, customize the names of each deal stage, establish user permissions, and more. Learn more

Lead sources​

You make better marketing decisions when you understand where your leads are coming from. Tag individual leads by where they came from, or even use our customizable web-to-leads forms to capture their details on your website.

With trackable email you’ll know immediately when your lead opens an email, clicks a link, or downloads an attachment. Get the insight to know how and when to follow up with your hottest leads. 


Lead management​

Get the most out of your CRM software. Pipeline CRM highlights new leads and provides customizable status tracking to know where each lead is in the sales process. Easily follow each lead to see that they become a customer.

Haittam George Greib,

Prestige Worldwide Logistics

“Since we started using Pipeline CRM, our cold calls and sales have increased significantly! We’re able to monitor our daily calls, deals, and upload documents that our team can access anywhere.”