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Easy to use agency CRM software for media and advertising professionals.

Many agencies still work in silos. This creates internal miscommunication and disrupts team workflows—leading to poor customer service and, in turn, loss of client accounts. 


With a single source of truth like Pipeline CRM, you can streamline and sync all team and client communications, deal updates, events, documentation, and more. Leverage the power of an agency CRM to keep your team on track with every deal.

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CRM for Agencies

CRM software for agencies

We built Pipeline CRM as an Agencies CRM to help put customers at the center of marketing services.​

Our CRM sfotware is designed to help teams collaborate in delivering great work to customers. Using a suite of powerful sales and CRM tools, we give media professionals the ability to reach and engage customers.​ Discover our powerful features.

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crm for professional services

Foster Brand Loyalty with an Agency CRM

crm for professional services

Often, one-on-one attention declines after a deal is signed. This causes a short agency-client partnership. Pipeline’s CRM for agencies, on the other hand, enables you to maintain the same A-list treatment for each lead—from the moment they enter the prospect list and beyond. We help you turn new leads into clients and clients into evangelists.

Juggling projects can be exhausting. It requires accurate data, time, and team management—especially when working with large teams or external partners. Adopting an agency CRM software removes all the organizational burdens, allowing you to focus on delivering projects on time.

Creating a converting email campaign starts with delving deep into your prospect list and tailoring the messages. As an all-rounder CRM for agencies, Pipeline’s customizable contact management helps capture your prospects’ specific interests, needs, and behaviors. Link this valuable information to our Drip Email Campaign solution to automate and track the lead nurturing process—all from one tool.

Customer stories

See What Pipeline CRM Is Doing To Help Agencies Manage Their Clients.

Jeff Vaughn

Jeff Vaughn,
Vice President of Sales at Trailer Bridge

“Our sales process is so streamlined that we increased productivity 100%

Customer stories

See What Pipeline CRM Is Doing To Help Agencies Manage Their Clients.


Marco Kristen,
Marketing Director at TENMAT

“Our sales went up 30% with the same amount of people and resources”

Customer stories

See What Pipeline CRM Is Doing To Help Agencies Manage Their Clients.


Kim Hicks,
Sales Administrator at Cornerstone Flooring

“With Pipeline, we’re closing deals much faster and communicating better.”

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wire stone 100

Digital Marketing Industry

Wire Stone takes their daily activity up a notch by taking full advantage of Pipeline CRM.
mgecom 100

Marketing Industry​

MGECOM relies on Pipeline CRM to tell their salespeople what they need to do and when they need to do it.
8th light 100

Software Industry​

Pipeline CRM has helped 8th Light manage their growth by making it easy to see what needs to be prioritized and run monthly reports for board meetings.

Agencies should use CRM software to unify the team’s communication and workflow.


  • Stronger collaboration: CRM is a hub that syncs all internal and external communications and projects, enabling your team to eliminate redundancy, delays, and confusion.


  • Stellar client management: CRM neatly organizes customizable client and project data, such as personal data (e.g., job title and company size), preferences (e.g., design and communication methods), and past sales history (e.g., prices, quantities, and purchasing behavior). 


  • Better sales processes: CRM gives a 360-degree view of all leads in the pipeline, allowing you to prioritize and nurture the leads based on their unique situations.

Pipeline CRM is customizable—no matter what agency you’re running (marketing, design, or others), you can tailor it to support all your sales needs. For instance, you can change the deal stages, add recurring custom fields, and assign permissions to specific users only.


Additionally, the simple navigation system ensures everyone can easily adopt it, eliminating first-time user friction and saving you more bucks!


💡 After adopting Pipeline CRM, many agencies have successfully scaled their business by winning more bids. Read the stories here.

The best Pipeline CRM features for agencies include: 


  • Team management: by sharing the same data repository, you’ll always know who handles which leads, the team’s capacity, progress, and struggles. Everyone is on the same page regardless of their roles or workplace.


  • Advanced automation: win more time to nurture leads instead of doing tedious work. With Pipeline CRM you can automate recurring tasks, repeated orders, and drip emails triggered by time or actions.


  • Broad integration options: from setting up email campaigns with Mailchimp to generating invoices with QuickBooks to connecting to LinkedIn with Zapier, continue using apps that work for you in Pipeline.