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TENMAT boosts sales by 30 percent with Pipeline CRM

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TENMAT manufactures advanced materials that make the world's most demanding applications work.

There was room to grow and they needed customer relationship management (CRM) software that could meet their sales goals.


“We work in an exciting industry where we have built a solid reputation for quality over time. However, to be even more competitive, we had to find a new CRM solution that would work for us. In our business, where we supply parts to those who produce a finished product, there’s specification, testing and a purchase process. The whole sales cycle can vary from a few months to up to two years,” said Marco Kristen, Marketing Director at TENMAT.

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Manchester, United Kingdom

Manufacturing Industry

When TENMAT adopted Pipeline CRM, the manufacturer of advanced materials experienced a sales boost of 30 percent and a conversion rate jump of 20 percent.

Manufacturing Industry Challenges

For more than a century, marine, automotive, aerospace, railway, and renewable companies have turned to the established Manchester, England-based company for its quality composite, high-temp, and fire protection solutions. While TENMAT has a solid history of taking on and meeting manufacturing industry challenges, its North American operations needed a better CRM solution so they could focus on growing the business and increase revenue with the same size sales team.
TENMAT’s sales team decided to move on from Act! CRM, which users said was too cumbersome. Plus, it wasn’t cloud based. They needed to ensure a new CRM solution could keep them organized and aware of every opportunity – at all times.
Kristen said they first evaluated Salesforce but realized quickly that it was “too overwhelming.” He kept searching for a CRM known for its features and ease of use. They also sought a CRM that was proven to work well in the manufacturing industry. That’s when TENMAT found Pipeline CRM.

Implementing Pipeline CRM was super quick. It was easy for our sales team to learn. Our sales operations are more efficient even with limited resources and manpower.

The CRM Solution for Manufacturing Companies

Kristen said the first benefit was discovering just how easy Pipeline CRM was to use. “Implementing Pipeline CRM was super quick. It was easy for our sales team to learn. Our sales operations are more efficient even with the same amount of resources and manpower.”
Within months, Pipeline CRM became part of everyday life for the sales team at TENMAT. Each sales team member logged in daily to organize tasks, deals, contacts and to pull up the reports they needed. “It’s the first thing I use in the morning. Within a couple of clicks, I have lists set up. I know my top deals. I know what I need to stay on top of.”

A Sales Boost and Better Conversion Rates

Since adopting Pipeline CRM, Kristen’s segment of TENMAT’s North American operations experienced a 20 percent increase in conversion rates. They also met their sales goals. Sales increased 30 percent with the same amount of people and resources. Other branches of the company, including a team in Europe, adopted PipelineDeals since. Above all, Pipeline CRM proved to be an ideal CRM for the manufacturing industry.

“We can upload drawings, pictures, and sketches into Pipeline CRM, too. The CRM is also available to our technical department, so they can access info to a particular account,” said Kristen. “We made the customizations necessary to make it work for us and that has kept us extremely productive.”


Kristen said he can’t imagine running his division without Pipeline CRM. He said instant reports that detail sales performance, job statuses, and anytime access to endless amounts of important data related to each individual deal has become critical to the company.

“Pipeline CRM makes our limited resources more efficient. As a manager, I see the individual performance, forecasting, and get a quick snapshot of the business including success rates. That helps us make the best business decisions about our data.”

Pipeline CRM makes our limited resources more efficient.