Tracking & Reporting

Easily track data and create powerful reports.

Get the proof you need to make smarter, data-driven business decisions. Track your team’s performance metrics, the types of deals you acquire, and their performance across time, or any custom data point you want. Then create comparison charts to view the types of leads or team members that bring the most revenue, or the success of certain deals over their sales lifecycle. And when you want to share the results, our reports are shareable across your team. There’s no more disconnect with what your sales reps are doing. Easily integrate with Excel and Google Sheets.

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Features to help you understand and improve your business.

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Activity tracking

Track the work your sales reps do every day. And get a high level view of the historical account of your pipeline, won or lost deals, your active pipeline, and deal stage status. Learn more 
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Sales forecasting

When you understand past trends, you’ll be able to confidently forecast the salespeople on track to hit quota. Easily view which sales team members you need to work more closely with.

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Deal insight

View deals at a high level through a graphic visualization of your sales data. From there, you’ll be able to determine what’s contributing to the success or failures of your deals.

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Foreign currency tracking

Track deals in any market or local currency your business sells in. Pipeline CRM instantly converts deals to one currency so that you can understand your global sales team’s results.

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Central hub

Even if your salespeople are in the field, or working remotely, Pipeline CRM brings all of their activity and shared data into one cohesive place. It gives shared visibility into an otherwise offline sales process.

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Powerful reports

Our comparison charts are a great way to share data with managers and team members. They work as quick progress updates, or to communicate the patterned success or failure of certain sales tactics.

Visualize Future Success with Reporting

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