Pipeline CRM for
Flooring Contractors

Easy-to-use CRM for Flooring Contractors. 

We make it simple to manage everything about a flooring job.

From estimates to happy customers — all in one place.

Whether it is a wooden deck installation, a small repair, or an ongoing maintenance job, flooring contractors work on tight schedules affected by other contractors. To ensure each project runs as planned, use Pipeline CRM, a specialized CRM for flooring contractors. Get everyone on the same page in 48 hours and start managing your team’s schedules and output in real time.

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CRM for Flooring Contractors

CRM for Flooring Contractors

Pipeline CRM is here for you and your team

Know what bids are in the works.​

Keep track of what bids and estimates are in the works all in one place. When you close a new deal, put it at the top of mind for the crew handling it to ensure a smooth handoff. Pipeline CRM software for flooring contractors helps you to plan ahead for upcoming jobs to integrate them into your current routes and make sure they get the resources they need. See all of our CRM features.

Manage everything about a job in one place.​

Manage your accounts and record every interaction to ensure a job well done. Keep track of resources, timelines, and customer expectations in one integrated job profile. Track a deal from estimate to completion in a centralized location so those who need it can access it.

Customer stories

What Our Valued
Customers Are Saying

Jeff Vaughn

Jeff Vaughn,
Vice President of Sales at Trailer Bridge

“Our sales process is so streamlined that we increased productivity 100%

Customer stories

What Our Valued
Customers Are Saying


Marco Kristen,
Marketing Director at TENMAT

“Our sales went up 30% with the same amount of people and resources”

Customer stories

What Our Valued
Customers Are Saying


Kim Hicks,
Sales Administrator at Cornerstone Flooring

“With Pipeline, we’re closing deals much faster and communicating better.”

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Go ahead and read success stories from our customers who adopted our CRM software as their CRM.
david creation 100

Contractor Industry​

Washington D.C. based marketing consulting firm, A David Creation, has helped a loyal customer base of painting contractors reach their sales & marketing goals by introducing Pipeline CRM.

webfoot 100

Painting & Construction Industry

Pipeline CRM has helped Webfoot Painting sustain 35% year-over-year growth on its journey to become one of Central Oregon’s premier painting and construction firms.
underpinning 100

Contracting Industry​

Bay Area Underpinning increased sales 15-20% by using Pipeline CRM.

Flooring contractors should use CRM software because it empowers them to better manage their team’s tasks, sales, and leads.

It also gives them confidence in creating profitable estimations through historical data. For example, you can look through past projects in the CRM to anticipate any unwanted issues, such as increased material prices. 

Pipeline CRM gives you a holistic view of all your deals.


You can customize your sales pipeline data entries, such as adding crucial information that is gold for salespeople (client’s demographic data), estimators (client’s specific requests), project managers (timelines), and other people who are involved in the project.


💡Together with Pipeline CRM, a family-owned construction company grew by 10% in just two years. Read the story here.

Among other solutions, the following are the best Pipeline CRM features for flooring contractors:


  • Smart agenda: time is limited, but your tasks are never-ending. Pipeline CRM’s smart agenda intuitively builds a to-do list while you go about your day, so you can focus on tasks that move the needle. 


  • Custom fields: add client details that are most important to your business. You can create up to 25 custom fields that will automatically appear on every deal page.


  • Intelligence mobile app: show that you care about your clients by quickly responding to their queries, even if you’re on the road. Pipeline CRM’s mobile app grants you the same authority to manage your business from anywhere and on any device.