Moving Data Into CRM

CRM data migration

Transitioning your data to a CRM system might seem overwhelming, but fear not! Here at Pipeline CRM, we’re fully committed to guiding you through a smooth and effortless onboarding process, ensuring your data migration is seamless and stress-free.


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CRM data migration

Effortless CRM Migration & Simple File Imports

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CRM Migration Tool

No CSV files, no technical know-how, and lightning fast results

The decision to switch CRMs is a tough one, and comes with many considerations like cost comparisons, employee adoption, and business disruption. Let us handle the data migration! Use Pipeline’s CRM migration tool for a fast, no code migration that you can schedule to complete over the weekend.

Migrate Your CRM without Skipping a Beat

Use our tool to migrate your CRM to Pipeline CRM in as little as a few hours — even the same day! Our process is designed for anybody to be able to use with ease, so you can get back to your usual work without skipping a beat.

Switch CRMs over the Weekend

Most migrations are complete within 24-48 hours. Time can vary depending on the size of your database. Reach out to us directly, for more information onIf you have any questions on the speed or timeframe of your migration.

Progress is Monitored 24/7

Data migrations can be scary. Don’t worry! Pipeline is monitoring your migration progress 24/7 to ensure data is flowing. See your migration progress in real-time and get notified every step of the way.

Zero Downtime

Your business moves quickly, and we don’t want to get in your way. You won’t experience any downtime — use Pipeline CRM while it imports, or even put your computer to sleep while the migration is working in the background.

Built for Non-technical Users to Migrate Quickly

Select CRM and ‘Migrate Now


Ditch the old way of importing data with CSV. Just click and connect your apps and we move the data directly using API.

Lightning Fast Speed

The sample import moves data into your new software in as little as 15 minutes. Full migrations can be done in as little as a few hours – even the same day!

Easy Support

If you need help along the way, we have documented every detail you need to get the migration done successfully. Still need help? You can chat with us anytime.

Retain All Legacy Data

We move every object possible with your app – even down the the files attached to your records.

What’s Included in a CRM Migration?

Pipeline stages and
Custom Fields

The tool will automatically map fields and create pipeline and deal stages. Custom fields will be mapped with exact types, such as picklists, drop downs, text and dates fields.

Schedule the Migration Time

Select the time and date for your migration. We support all timezones, and even weekend migrations, to minimize the impact on your business.

Turn on/off Imported Objects

Choose what type of records are imported, and exclude those you don’t want to keep.


Avoid migrating duplicates, and match incoming records to your existing data.

What Does it Look Like?

Click to connect1

Click to Connect

Just click and connect your apps from Pipeline. Start with our free sample import to see how your data will look once imported into Pipeline.

Adjust the Settings as Needed

Use your import page to make changes to the import setup, including customizing the field mappings and running new sample imports to help you validate the results.
Adjust the Settings as Needed copy
Request Free Full Migration copy

Request Free Full Migration

Start your full data migration at the exact time that works best for you and your business. Even opt to run it on a weekend, to avoid downtime for your team.

Asked Questions

You can find the full list of supported CRMs here.
The sample import will always be free. Full migration is covered by Pipeline CRM according to Pipeline CRM specifications.
It should take about 10-15 minutes, and the customer will receive an email when complete. Getting the total database counts can take a bit longer, depending on the size of the source database. The customer will not be able to proceed with the full until the counts are finished.
Yes, this helps ensure that customers can validate the results before proceeding with the full migration. If a customer needs to update mappings or resolve any errors, they’ll be able to run the sample again. Once satisfied, they’ll request the full migration (via button on the UI) which will allow them to start it anytime they wish.
Yes, the customer can click “Undo” from the Settings page.
Yes, the customer can click “stop” from the summary page. They will then be given the option to resume or undo the migration.
Yes, customers can opt to customize their migration setup. They can adjust field mappings on the Settings tab. They can also request Import2 assistance to do field value mappings, setting default field values, and mapping user/ownership.
Import2 will use the import user as the default value/backup in cases where the user cannot be found to assign the record. If the customer wishes to change the import user for this purpose, they can request a link to switch accounts from Import2.
Most migrations are complete within 24-48 hours, but depending on the size of your database this time can vary. If you have any questions on the speed or timeframe from your migration, please feel free to reach out to:
Both the sample and full migrations can be rolled back and re-imported as many times as needed. There is no additional cost or penalty for running a migration again. Please note all previously imported data is removed before the import starts again.

Importing Overview

Importing your companies, people, and deals into Pipeline is a quick and easy way to add data to your account from a CSV or Excel file.

You can import data in a CSV (comma-separated value) file format, or from an Excel file with an .XLS or .XLSX extension.

Before you import your data, you’ll want to make sure your file is formatted correctly and your account is ready for the data you are going to import.

Please look over our list of system fields. If you need to include a field that we do not have, you will need to create your custom field before you complete your import to ensure all of your data is mapped correctly. Only an admin can create custom fields.

If you have companies, people, and deals to import, we suggest importing them in the following order:

  1. Companies
  2. People
  3. Deals

Please note that if you do not have any Company custom fields, you can move straight to your People import.  If you have a column for Company name, work phone, work address, work city, work state and work postal Code in your People Import spreadsheet, we will import that Company into the Company tab as well.

Importing Activities

Importing Activities

You can import activities using the Activity field during the mapping step. The timestamp will be for the date and time of the import. If you would like the activity to have a particular category type, you’ll need the column header on your file to match to the existing activity category.
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