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We’re especially proud to be the CRM of choice for companies in manufacturing, transportation, construction, distribution, logistics, and professional services. In these high-growth industries, an easy-to-use and highly adoptable CRM is a critical and non-negotiable requirement.

You’ll receive tips and alerts to respond quicker and communicate better. Plus you’ll know when leads are high-risk, and share real-time updates with your team when you win. Organized information, happy leads, and closed deals make for an efficient sales process.

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We’re especially proud to be the CRM of choice for companies in manufacturing, transportation, 

construction, distribution, logistics, and professional services.

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CRM software is the best way to get ahead of your competition and win even more jobs.
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See everything about a job in one place, whether you’re in the office, in your car, or on a job site.
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CRM software helps you stay on top of freight, cargo, importing, exporting, shipping, 3PL, and more.
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Our CRM is easy for wholesalers and distributors to implement and is fully customizable.
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Helps people in professional services manage bids, administer contracts, and land new clients.
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Start, develop, and grow relationships for your landscaping business with CRM software.
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Get all of your project managers on the same page so they can maximize resources and productivity.
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Cut time to close while gaining valuable insights into your clients with CRM software.
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Manage your leads & the unique workflow of the plumbing and mechanical business with our CRM.

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Grow your agency and manage your clients with an easy to use CRM built for media professionals.
Pipeline CRM for Real Estate Agents and Property Developers 2

Gain the trust that makes property buyers and sellers confidently sign the contract. 

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Pipeline CRM is a leader in Small-Business CRM on G2
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The CRM of Choice for Small Businesses

Pipeline CRM is “just right” for companies that are frustrated with overpriced and over-engineered CRM solutions.

According to G2 Crowd, a top peer-to-peer, unbiased business solutions review platform, Pipeline CRM is the most adopted CRM among SMBs. Review our features and CRM customer case studies.

CRM software is used to track relationships with clients and improve lead management. It serves as your team’s collaborative knowledge hub, streamlining the sales process and breaking down barriers. As a result, it increases productivity, efficiency, and conversion rates.

Some key features of sales CRM tools include contact, lead, and team management, performance reporting, sales forecasting, and sales automation. Learn more about the roles of CRM here.

A custom CRM is simply a CRM system that can be uniquely set up based on a business’s needs. For example, you can change deal stage names, add new properties to contacts (custom data fields), manage multiple pipelines (custom workflow), and set up rules for sales automation (custom automation). These changes allow businesses to build a CRM dashboard that’s better suited to their individual sales processes and goals.

The first step to building a customizable CRM is choosing CRM software with tailoring. Once you understand your business’s needs, match them with the available CRM tools. Look for a CRM that offers both flexibility and structure, providing room for personalization without the risk of system instability.


We recommend adopting customizable off-the-shelf CRM software rather than creating a custom-made CRM, as creating a custom CRM demands a lot of time, cost, and energy.


One of the best customizable CRMs is Pipeline CRM. We design our features with many industries in mind, particularly the old economy and contractor sectors. While our basic features address common sales challenges, our customizable solutions offer flexibility and tailoring.


This includes everything from editing property names (contacts and deals) to adding daily reports to the dashboard, suggesting the ‘next step’ in deals (sales automation), setting rules for email drip campaigns, and changing the Pipeline CRM’s color interface to match your business. Learn the extent of our customization here.