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How to Streamline Your Day with Customizable Dashboards

As a sale team member or leader, you’re often juggling a variety of tasks each day: completing your daily outreach calls and emails, keeping a pulse on progress towards individual or team quotas and KPIs, and closing deals and managing follow-ups. Having the information you need to efficiently manage your day is key. A streamlined workflow can mean the difference between hitting your quotas or coming up short at the end of the month. It’s important to ensure that tools in your sales playbook are working for you to make your workflows more streamlined and ultimately, easy to adopt.
At Pipeline CRM, we have always been focused on providing a CRM that is customizable and easy to use. Our goal is to give you the flexibility to implement your sales process and workflows in our platform to help you accelerate your business growth. With that goal in mind, Pipeline’s new Customizable Dashboard feature allows you to reimagine your home dashboard experience with greater options for customization and sharing. This new feature puts you in the driver’s seat when configuring your Pipeline Home Dashboard experience.

A few key features of the new Customizable Dashboard feature are the ability to:

  • Add custom content from List Views, Goals, and Reports
  • Create multiple saved dashboards 
  • Share dashboards with your team for greater alignment and visibility 
  • Resize and move Dashboard tiles to fit your needs
First, let’s dive in with a quick overview of the new dashboards:

Use Cases

Now that we understand the basics, a few specific use cases for customizable dashboards will help get you started with Customizable Dashboards functionality.

Sharing Dashboards and Creating Alignment

Utilizing Pipeline’s Customizable Dashboard feature gives sales teams the ability to share dashboards across the organization. One of the major challenges that we have heard from Pipeline users prior to implementing a CRM, is the adoption of a consistent sales process across their organization. To quickly get your team up and running with a new tool, you’ll want to focus on creating a repeatable process for managing leads and follow-ups, with clear goals and metrics that can be tracked and shared across your team.
Sharing Customizable Dashboards 2

With Customizable Dashboards, you have the ability to create dashboards with Goals and Reports that reflect overall sales team activities or progress toward hitting company-specific KPIs. You can also choose to also add saved list views, for example, a list view that shows stalling deals that don’t have any recent activity. Once you have curated a dashboard that encompasses the various data points you want your team to focus on, you can quickly and easily share the dashboard with specific members of your team. The shared dashboard will provide users with the insights they need to efficiently manage their day in Pipeline and create alignment across the sales organization.

Reporting Dashboard

As a Sales Manager, it’s important to have at your disposal the insights and information needed to make critical sales organization decisions, without having to navigate across multiple areas of your CRM. With Pipeline’s Customizable Dashboards, you can add as many list views, reports, or goals as you need to your home dashboard. Gone are the days of swapping between various tabs, and running comparisons amongst list views or reports on separate windows. With Customizable Dashboards, you can add all of your key reports to one easily accessible dashboard and view. Your data will refresh and stay up to date (just like your dynamic list views) and you’ll always have the most relevant sales information available to you directly from the home dashboard.

Customizable Dashboards

Sales Directors we’ve spoken to have begun utilizing Customizable Dashboards to track close rates across team members and compare progress toward various individual goals directly from the dashboard. With the addition of specific saved lists, that include Deal Intelligence Fields (for example, days in stage, days since last activity) sales leads can quickly identify which sales members are off/on track towards quota or other KPIs and quickly step in to support any team members that are falling behind. Being able to keep a pulse on team metrics directly from the dashboard, streamlines your workflow and saves time that can be reinvested in closing more deals and growing your business, faster.

Webinar Recording

Our Product and Success teams run webinars after every major product launch to make sure that you are trained on the skills necessary to utilize any new functionality we add. Our latest Product Webinar focuses on these exciting customizable dashboards improvements and can be found here.

Get Started with Customizable Dashboards Today!

The ability to create multiple dashboards with custom content from list views, goals, and reports, is only available on our Grow plan. For a 14-day free trial of Grow, please reach out to a member of our Customer Care team at or by phone at 1-866-702-7303

Not yet a Pipeline customer? Sign up for a 14-day free trial of our CRM solution. And while you’re at it, why not book a demo with our Sales team to see first-hand how Pipeline CRM can help you and your team close more deals, faster.

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