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Welcome to Pipeline CRM's Affiliate Program

Become an affiliate and start earning attractive commissions by promoting our easy-to-use CRM solution. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer, an influencer, or just passionate about our product, becoming an affiliate is a hassle-free way to monetize your network and influence.
Affiliate Program

Earn Generous Commission

Connect And Earn

20% Lifetime Commission

Earn 20% commission on every sale for the lifetime of the referred customer.

90 Day Cookie

We offer a 90-day cookie duration to ensure you get credit for your referrals. Learn more here.

1 year perks

12-Month Perks

Upgrade to Affiliate Plus or Affiliate Gold to enjoy additional perks* such as an annual customer discount, with commission rates adjusted accordingly.

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Easy Money Withdrawal

affiliates paypal
Just connect your PayPay email address to withdraw your money easily.

Promotional Materials

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Logos, banners, and even high converting landing pages. Everything you need to help you market our products efficiently.
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Extra Perks to Sweeten the Deal:

  • Get your own Partner Dashboard to track commissions, manage referrals and access tools to promote more effectively. 
  • Maximize your earnings with access to Pipeline CRM Partner marketing assets, best practices, tips, and referral tools.
  • Pipeline CRM handles the entire sales process, from engaging the customer to closing the deal.
  • Regardless of whether you’re a current user of Pipeline CRM, you can refer others and earn commissions.
  • Register for the Pipeline CRM Partner Program and start using your unique referral link to refer potential clients.
  • To participate, you need a valid email address and a PayPal email address for easy withdrawals.
Affiliate – Commission: 20% lifetime
Affiliate Plus (26-100 seats) – Commission: 20% lifetime; Annual Customer Discount: Additional 5%
Affiliate Gold (100+ seats) – Commission: 20% lifetime; Annual Customer Discount: Additional 15%

How to Get Started:


Apply to become a Pipeline CRM Partner by visiting our registration page.


Fill out the form, accept the terms and conditions, and gain immediate access to your Partner Program account.


Start referring Pipeline CRM leads using your unique referral link provided upon registration.


Utilize our marketing collateral to effectively promote Pipeline CRM to prospective customers.

Asked Questions

The 90-day cookie window in affiliate marketing is a period during which an affiliate can earn a commission on a sale if a customer clicks on their affiliate link and makes a purchase within 90 days. When a customer clicks an affiliate link, a small piece of data called a cookie is stored on their device, tracking their activity. If they buy something from the Pipeline CRM within 90 days, the sale is credited to the affiliate, who then earns a commission.

This extended window benefits affiliates by increasing their chances of earning commissions, even if customers don’t buy immediately. It accounts for the time customers often take to research and compare products before purchasing. Affiliates prefer programs with longer cookie windows because it gives them a better opportunity to earn from their promotional efforts.
When you sign up to be a Pipeline CRM Partner, you get paid for referring your friends and colleagues to a product you love while also enjoying many tools and resources that are only available to Partners.  The benefits include: 
  • Earn cash!  Get 20% commission on the lifetime subscription of any referred deal.
  • It’s free to sign up to become a Pipeline CRM Partner
  • Your own Partner Dashboard to manage your referrals, view your commissions, and access referral tools to help you refer more efficiently.
  • Access to Pipeline CRM Partner marketing assets, best practices, tips and referral tools 
  • Pipeline CRM will engage the customer and handle the entire sales process
  • Regardless of whether or not you’re a current user of Pipeline CRM, if you love Pipeline CRM, and want to refer people to Pipeline CRM and earn money in the process, you can sign up to join our Pipeline CRM Partner Program. A participant in the Pipeline CRM Partner Program can be a company or individual, foreign or domestic, that recommends Pipeline CRM to a friend, colleague or has a role working with, communicating to or advising companies in the SMB market. 
  • Potential participants must register for the Pipeline CRM Partner Program. After signing up, you will be able to begin using your unique referral link to refer others to PipelineCRM and collect commissions. 
  • Potential partners must have a valid email address, valid PayPal email address. 
  • PipelineCRM employees are not eligible to participate in this program. 
  • First, you need to apply to become a Pipeline CRM Partner.  Do this by accessing the Pipeline CRM Partner Program registration page: fill out the form, accept the terms and conditions and you’ll immediately get access to your Pipeline CRM Partner Program account.
  • After signing up, you can begin referring Pipeline CRM leads to Pipeline CRM. Please use best efforts to market and promote the Pipeline CRM solution to prospective clients. All marketing collateral will be provided by Pipeline CRM. Pipeline CRM Partners may use the marketing collateral solely to generate leads of prospective clients and may not modify the collateral in any way without written permission from PipelineCRM.
  • Each Pipeline CRM Partner will be issued a unique url that will be used to link the Pipeline CRM Partner to the lead. Leads registered will be time-stamped and linked to a Partner on a first come, first served basis. There can only be one Pipeline CRM Partner identified for each lead. The link you are given to refer, will add a cookie in the browser of the lead you refer so they can peruse the Pipeline CRM website and it will still remember you referred them when they initiate a trial.
  • A partner cannot refer themselves or their employer.
  • A partner that refers a company, that is later hired by that company, will cease being eligible for owed commissions once they become an employee of the referred company.
  • Referrals from partners prior to their enrollment and acceptance into the Pipeline CRM Partner Program, will not be eligible to collect commissions.
Yes, but the responsibility is yours to notify of an owed commission if you don’t see it in your Partner account within 90 days of the referred customer signing up. You must provide the following to
  • Written proof clearly showing you referred the customer to Pipeline CRM prior to them becoming a customer.  
  • Customer details, company name, contact name, email addresses, and when you expected them to have signed up as a customer.  
If you know your referral is not using a link, you can notify immediately to help make sure you get prompt commission payment when the referred deal is closed.
Beginning March 21, 2022, all approved Pipeline CRM Partners will receive 20% referral commissions for the lifetime subscription of the revenue they refer. All Partners can view the commission plan they are on within their Pipeline CRM Partner account.
Commissions are generated at the moment of purchase or renewal. For monthly subscriptions, monthly commissions are generated, for yearly subscriptions, yearly commissions are generated. We pay commissions once a month.
Pipeline CRM and/or the Pipeline CRM Partner may terminate the Agreement at any time, with or without cause, effective immediately upon notice to Upon termination, all marketing and/or promotional materials must be removed from the Partner’s websites. Pipeline CRM reserves the right to modify program terms and conditions at any time.
If you have questions regarding the Pipeline CRM Partner Program, email us at: