JustCall Integration

Close deals faster by capturing your JustCall sales call data within Pipeline. Improve your sales process with a seamless dialer experience with the ability to track and analyze call data.

Automatically log JustCall dialing activities, call recordings, and voicemails under your contacts. Get click-to-call and click-to-text buttons for your Pipeline contacts. Make calls, receive calls, track missed calls, listen to voicemails and call recordings – from your Pipeline dashboard!

Justcall hero pipelinedeals

Make a call with a single click

Track call data from Pipeline

Create a reporting view to track number of calls. Get call data like outbound vs incoming, answer or no answer, voicemail, call info, transcription link and more.

Access call recordings

JustCall records every call you make, ensuring storage of each and every crucial detail of your customer. Get call back links whenever you miss a call from your contacts.

Activities automatically

JustCall creates activities on your Pipeline account for every call you make or receive. Similar activities are created for inbound and outbound text messages.