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GlobalTranz Grows Agent Partnerships 63% with Pipeline CRM

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The Moment

As a leading, technology-driven, third-party logistics (3PL) solutions provider, GlobalTranz needed the right software to create, manage, and build a list of trusted agent partners. These agents would sign on to work with GlobalTranz, ship cargo, and add revenue to the company’s thriving business. The problem was GlobalTranz specialists couldn’t keep track of these important agent relationships effectively and they were missing opportunities.

The Search

GlobalTranz’s recruiting team was using Microsoft Access, a database management system, to record basic contact data, but it wasn’t enough for their expanding business goals. The team wanted to do more. They needed to track sales-recruiting leads in an organized way. They needed customer relationship management (CRM) software.

“We were trying to keep solid notes on people to grow a true sales pipeline but couldn’t do it with a program that wasn’t built for that, plus Access would crash when too many people were using it. We needed an actual CRM to track our whole recruiting-sales process,” said Brian Coleman, Manager of Agent Acquisitions.


Coleman headed up the search and evaluated seven CRM options. He knew exactly what his team needed.

“We wanted flexibility when it comes to designing the CRM’s fields and forms because we would use it in a unique way as a recruiting-sales tool.”


Coleman completed trials for sales CRMs and human resources CRMs typically used by recruiters. The team also considered Salesforce but ruled it out right away.


“Salesforce was expensive, complicated, and we learned it would be too much of a process to get it set up.”

All the other CRMs were either too complex or they didn't do enough. Just like in the Goldilocks story, Pipeline CRM was just right.

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Phoenix, AZ

Logistics Industry

When GlobalTranz, a top 3PL solutions provider, implemented Pipeline CRM, its agent recruiting team achieved a 63 percent boost in partnerships with revenue-generating agents.


Company Statistics:

The Solution

Coleman recalled being immediately impressed with Pipeline CRM. During his demo, he realized he could easily reassign a Field and Stages in a Deal. Features such as Notes and Activities were also just as easy to use and update.


“All the other CRMs were either too complex or they didn’t do enough. Just like in the Goldilocks story, Pipeline CRM was just right.”

The Result

The next step was getting the GlobalTranz team to adopt the new CRM. Coleman said it was an easy process.

“The ramp up and learning process was super simple with Pipeline CRM. The software is straightforward.”


Coleman said each recruiting team member immediately began using Pipeline CRM to source new agent prospects and sign them on to work with GlobalTranz. The features help track every agent relationship, and make it easy for the team to service them and help them ship freight.

Today, GlobalTranz has an impressive network of 34,000 carriers and has serviced more than 25,000 shipping customers. As one of the largest freight brokerages in the country, GlobalTranz is known for lowering costs while matching a shipper’s needs with carrier’s capacity in near-real time. With Pipeline CRM, the overall productivity of agents shipping through GlobalTranz continues to improve as the GlobalTranz team effectively manages their relationships with them through CRM software.

“In our role, we talk to so many sales professionals in the freight industry. With Pipeline CRM we can keep track of each and every one. We can quickly load up a Pipeline CRM Profile to know all about an agent’s background, history, and other important data and get right to working with them.”

Since starting their agent partnership recruiting program, the number of revenue producing agents recruited has grown steadily year over year. In 2017, 63 percent of agent partnerships generated revenue – a record number for the company. In addition, the team utilizes Pipeline CRM’s Contact Management features for targeted email marketing campaigns to generate additional revenue gross profit in the six-figure range.

“We love the Notifications feature. We have sourcing specialists on our team to find leads for us and when they input someone in Pipeline CRM, the right person gets a notification immediately. For example, I’ll get an email when a Lead is placed in my name,” explained Coleman.

The ramp-up and learning process was super simple with Pipeline CRM. The software is straightforward.

Features that Matter

Coleman said the GlobalTranz team is productive because everyone has visibility in the entire recruiting process including sourcing specialists to the CEO as well as other members of the executive team.


“Everything we do from initial call to signing on an agency with GlobalTranz can be seen through PipelineDeals. That’s why we work by the motto, ‘It didn’t happen unless it is recorded in PipelineDeals CRM.'”

Most importantly, productivity continues because PipelineDeals streamlines the team’s everyday workflow.


“We don’t have to worry about our CRM on the backend. We can focus on finding new agent partners, the actual effort of recruiting people, or selling agents on partnering with us. Plus, we work better than ever. Our recruiting team prides itself on our follow up and that’s possible because we can set reminders and keep track of events in Pipeline CRM. We don’t lose out on deals because we can track it all through our CRM.”

Freight Driven by Technology

Coleman said when he speaks to competitors in the logistics field, he often learns they are still using spreadsheets for agent recruiting or agent sales.


“The freight industry is an old school industry in that way. The truth is if you’re not using the right CRM you’re missing out.”

Coleman said his team is proud to have one of the most efficient recruiting programs compared to any competitor.


“People ask us how do we sign so many productive agents or how we have done so well with our agent program. A lot of it is being able to track everything through Pipeline CRM.”