How 3 Transport & Logistics Companies Grow with Pipeline CRM

Use Cases Unpacked: How 3 Transport and Logistics Companies Use Pipeline CRM to Grow

How 3 Transport & Logistics Companies Grow with Pipeline CRM

For transport and logistics businesses, efficiency is key. Any small mistake can jeopardize your profits; this is where a custom CRM solution makes a difference. 


As one of the best CRM for transport and logistics companies, Pipeline CRM has helped many businesses transform their sales processes and surpass their goals. Here, we will highlight 3 of our transportation and logistics customers and how Pipeline CRM helps them grow their sales performance, teams, and fleets. 


1. VRS Trucking Expanded Their Customer Base by 10x


For California-based VRS Trucking, Pipeline CRM put the speed in logistics. We made it possible for them to process 99% of lease applications within 5 minutes. 


To help them achieve this goal, this veteran-owned company was looking for a sales-focused transport and logistics CRM tool. Their requirement was clear—they needed a CRM that would facilitate business growth and handle customer and sales data from their sister companies. Here’s what VRS Trucking wished to improve:


  • Streamlined sales processes
  • Ability to keep every team member on the same page for every lead 
  • Advanced data management to organize customer information and sales details


With Pipeline CRM, VRS Trucking transformed its customer relationship management approach. They efficiently organized customer data and handled critical repair and maintenance information, preventing duplication of work across their teams. 


Additionally, here are some other Pipeline CRM features that helped them grow from a 10-people team to 30 people:


  • User-friendly interface: Enables anyone to use Pipeline CRM from the get-go. 
  • Deals section: Allows the team to search sales by the VIN numbers quickly and provides easy access to deal-related information.
  • Smart Agenda feature: Prioritizes and simplifies daily tasks.
  • Smart email feature: Facilitates real-time communication within the team, ensuring everyone remains on the same page.


With Pipeline CRM, VRS Trucking can seamlessly track leads, sales information, and customer data, leading to a 10x increase in customers within just 1 year


Now, they welcome newly joined drivers weekly, helping them deliver loads efficiently across states—all thanks to the streamlined operations of Pipeline CRM. 


For VRS Trucking, Pipeline CRM is their “single source of truth.” 


Read VRS Trucking’s customer success story here.


VRS Trucking Expanded Their Customer Base by 10x


2. GlobalTranz Boosted Agency Partnerships by 63%


GlobalTranz, a technology-driven 3PL solutions provider, recognized the pivotal role of reliable agent partners. Yet, their existing system, Microsoft Access, proved inadequate in overseeing this crucial sales objective, costing them many promising opportunities.


As a database management tool, Microsoft Access isn’t made for managing sales processes. They needed a tool to organize sales leads and sales projects systematically. This prompted them to hunt for the best CRM for their unique use case.


Here are some other sales roadblocks GlobalTranz wishes to improve:


  • A tool with advanced sales tracking 
  • A custom contact management to support sales and the agency partner program
  • Powerful sales tools that can be used by several people simultaneously


Pipeline CRM emerged as the perfect fit, offering robust contact and sales leads management features that can be customized to fit their general sales process and the sales recruitment program. Additionally, thanks to the user-friendly interface and streamlined features, implementing Pipeline CRM was a seamless transition


Every team member adopted it swiftly without hiccups. 


Today, GlobalTranz has a vast network of over 34,000 carriers and has served over 25,000 shipping customers. The number of recruited agents has also shown consistent growth year after year. In fact, the agent partnership program led to a whopping 63% growth


Moreover, Pipeline CRM’s contact management features supported them in achieving substantial 6-figure revenue gains from targeted email marketing campaigns.


This success story highlights the transformative impact of a well-suited transport and logistics CRM system. GlobalTranz’s successful recruiting program has become a benchmark in the industry with Pipeline CRM as its partner. 


Other Pipeline CRM features they love:


  • Personalized data fields and stages: enable the team to use the CRM to support numerous sales areas.
  • Notes and activities: the ability to add tailored notes and individual lead tracking.
  • Notifications for sourcing specialists: quickly react to potential agents.
  • Effective event management and follow-up capabilities: encourages the team to pursue leads proactively.
  • Inexpensive price and low learning curve: a better investment than Salesforce.


Read GlobalTranz’s customer success story here.


GlobalTranz Boosted Agency Partnerships by 63%


3. Trailer Bridge: Streamlined Sales and Expanded Operations


Trailer Bridge, a major logistics player with a fleet spanning across the Americas, recognized the need for a sales CRM solution to boost their business growth. Jeff Vaughn, VP of Sales, turned to Pipeline CRM to streamline their sales processes. 


Pipeline CRM immediately became their preferred tool for their transportation and logistics needs. Thanks to the quick learning curve, the sales team could easily use Pipeline CRM features like sources and tags and began segmenting data by sales stages. They also used the custom fields feature to create transactional pricing, price proposals, rate negotiations, and wins and losses. Pipeline CRM simplified their complex sales workflows. 


Furthermore, after switching from Salesforce to Pipeline CRM, the sales reps now have a 360-degree view of the leads, enabling them to track the status and tasks to win the deal.


And that wasn’t all. Here are other benefits Trailer Bridge has gained since using Pipeline CRM:


  • Sales culture transformation: repetitive sales calls were eliminated and replaced with effective communication and learning.
  • Customizable features: to effortlessly accommodate their varied sales cycles.


As a result, Trailer Bridge achieved a 100% boost in operational efficiency, increased customer activity, and opened eight new branches, all supported by Pipeline CRM.


Clearly, a custom CRM like Pipeline CRM emerged as their most vital tool for managing around 13,000 customers. It boosted their growth, streamlined operations, and fostered a thriving sales culture. 


They call it “living in Pipeline CRM.” 


Read Trailer Bridge’s customer success story here.


Trailer Bridge Streamlined Sales and Expanded Operations


Pipeline’s Transport and Logistics CRM Reviews


The three customer success stories above have shown how powerful Pipeline CRM can support your transport and logistics business. To give you a better understanding of our sales-focused CRM solution, check out the summary below.




  • Customization
    • Tailors deal stages to align with your business’s requirements.
  • Automation
    • Offers comprehensive automation for enhanced sales management.
    • Automates sales workflows, such as creating repeat orders and sales tasks.
  • Email management
  • Analysis and reporting
    • Maps bid progression and uses historical data to analyze lost bid causes.
  • Integration
    • Seamlessly integrates with well-known platforms, including Google apps, Outlook, Zapier, Mailchimp, and other commonly used logistics sales tools.
  • Excellent implementation and customer service
    • Quick and straightforward setup, fully operational within 48 hours.
    • User-friendly for novices and experienced users.




  • Start plan: $25 per user per month
  • Develop a plan: $33 per user per month
  • Grow plan: $49 per user per month




Pipeline CRM is considered one of the best CRMs for transport and logistics based on the following reviews:



Future-Proof Your Business with a CRM for Transportation and Logistics


Pipeline CRM has helped clients gain actionable insights, streamline workflows, and enhance customer relationships, leading to increased sales performance. Join them and other 18,000+ businesses in amplifying your sales effort with Pipeline CRM. 


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