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VRS Trucking Grows Customers 10x with Pipeline CRM

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VRS Trucking

The Moment/The Problem

At California based VRS Trucking, business moves fast — 99 percent of all lease applications are approved within five minutes. As a growing company in the business of heavy equipment and transportation, VRS Trucking team aims to make the vehicle and equipment maintenance process as streamlined as possible.


The veteran-owned company, which supports the hiring of qualified veterans and veteran family members within its organization, understood they can reach their business goals even faster by continuing to focus on effectively building customer relationships.

“We needed the entire team to be on the same page about each and every customer. That’s what a CRM has to accomplish for us,” said Tammy Mette, Accounting Manager at VRS Trucking.


That’s when the team went on a search. They needed the right type of sales-focused customer relationship management (CRM) software to continue to grow the company’s customer base even further while improving the service they provide to individuals, owners, and operators. VRS Trucking’s goal is to make it possible for more drivers to be OTR or “over the road”, and behind the wheel of vehicles that are capable of handling deliveries.

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VRS Trucking

Ramona, California

Transportation Industry

With Pipeline CRM, VRS Trucking boosts its customer base tenfold.


In addition, the CRM would have to handle data from VRS Trucking’s sister companies Your Leasing Solution and Big Rig Recruiters. Every day potential customers come in from these multiple channels.

Our line of work can get complex but Pipeline CRM keeps everyone organized.

The Search

The team found Pipeline CRM met their requirements.

“Our customers come in from different sources and that’s how we end up juggling diverse relationships,” explained Mette. “It doesn’t stop there. I’m also in Pipeline CRM from an accounting perspective. I’m I constantly going in and adding in and accruing, and depreciating.”


Pipeline CRM also holds repair and maintenance data. When a vehicle has a broken axle, door issues or flat tires, the data is uploaded into Pipeline CRM.

What makes Pipeline CRM extremely valuable, Mette added, is what the CRM prevents: the duplication of the team’s work. Due to the nature of the transportation and leasing business, Mette said that has been extremely important.


“We don’t want to duplicate our efforts. We have anywhere from 10 to 30 people touching each record at a time which includes titles or DMV registrations and repairs and maintenance. Our line of work can get complex but Pipeline CRM keeps everyone organized.”

The Solution

The Deals section of Pipeline CRM is considered a favorite feature for Mette and her team.


“The Deals section of Pipeline CRM is so simple to use. We do a lot of searches by VIN number, I just have to add a column to get to that number. I start typing and Pipeline CRM will pull up all the deals related to that VIN. That’s very convenient that the CRM system remembers what I am doing. I can immediately pull up Deals that match and get to work.”

Mette says she can’t imagine her day-to-day tasks without Pipeline CRM.

“Pipeline CRM is necessary for what we all do. Everybody who has anything to do with the purchase of the vehicle and title, DMV registration, and assigning data to a particular customer uses Pipeline CRM.”

Mette says her team members easily comment in Pipeline CRM about any important information about a particular deal. The visibility is important because everyone can see the communication at once.

“We can’t live without the Email Activities feature. They save us time by allowing our team members to make a comment within the app so everyone that is attached to that comment gets an email notification right away. Everyone can respond to that email just by hitting reply,” said Mette. “Plus, a record of the thread with the data is easy to find — right in the system when we need it. We’re on top of every deal.”


Mette said that Pipeline CRM has become VRS Truckings “single source of truth.”


“Every single person in the company needs to have some kind of access to make notations in Pipeline CRM so we can have a single source of truth. Otherwise, we are going to be doing much more work than we need to.”

We are accessing Pipeline CRM even more than ever.
We rely on Pipeline CRM.

The Result

According to Mette, Pipeline CRM has always been easy to use. With the company moving at a fast pace, employees are expected to learn the ins and outs of the CRM quickly which was the case for Mette and her team.


“On my first day on the job, I was told that I needed to jump from task to task and do another task with zero supervision. That very first day, I did everything on my own. I was given a Pipeline CRM log-in and I got in and that was the extent of my training.”


When questions came up, Mette said it was easy to get help.

“Yes, there were a couple of reporting things I needed to learn. I simply called the helpdesk and learned what I needed to right away. Other times, when I needed something, I emailed Pipeline CRM and someone got back to me right way.”


Today, new VRS Trucking drivers hit the road weekly, covering miles across the nation to deliver loads.


“Pipeline CRM has helped us increase our business because we have the means to track our assets,” said Mette. “If you look at all the sister companies connected here, and how we have organized ourselves, we’ve seen great improvements over time.”

Mette said adopting a CRM successfully is also about using the software every day.


“In the beginning, no one was going in tracking information — so there could’ve been duplicates in there. Now, we know the importance of working with the system so we can all be on the same page.”


Today, VRS Trucking has staff that is primarily focused on making sure that Pipeline CRM is tracking all of the data the company needs to be set up for success.

“We are accessing Pipeline CRM even more than ever. We rely on it.”


As a result, VRS Trucking has improved its customer management over the past year resulting in a tenfold increase in customers.


“We’ve got trucks that are sitting on a lot waiting to deploy with new drivers,” said Mette.

Thanks to Pipeline CRM, we're prepared to go gangbusters to get more drivers on the road. It's exciting.

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