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Pipeline CRM is the best CRM software for small businesses that are frustrated with overpriced and complicated CRM solutions. Pipeline CRM software is easy to use and fully customizable. You can be up and running in as little as 48 hours. 

According to G2 Crowd, a top peer-to-peer, unbiased business solutions review platform, Pipeline CRM is the most adopted CRM among SMBs. 

No credit card required.

Wholesale and Distribution crm
Pipeline CRM is a leader in Small-Business CRM on G2
Pipeline CRM is a leader in CRM on G2
Pipeline CRM is a leader in Small-Business CRM on G2
Users love Pipeline CRM on G2
Trusted by 18,000+ users around the world
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Improve your bottom line and let our CRM software do the heavy lifting.

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Our small business CRM software is simple, intuitive and easy to use by every member of your team. Be up and running in 48 hours, and start improving your customer relationships right away. Watch a live demo to get started, or you can opt for complete onboarding assistance. And you’re never alone with our amazing customer support.


Whether your team has two members or 2,000, with Pipeline CRM, you can keep track of every client and every sale. Every time a contact is updated, team members associated with that contact receive an alert, so you’re always connected and on the same page.


Spend more time on building your relationships and less time on admin. Keep track of leads, customers, and contractors. Save contact details, set communication reminders, and manage your relationships effortlessly.


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What Makes Pipeline The
Best CRM software for Small Businesses?

Manage clients. Win more jobs. Double revenue.
Get up and running fast, within 48 hours. Pipeline small business CRM software is easy to use and install.
And it’s affordable — licenses cost only $1.10 per person per day.​


Manage contracts and warm new leads All in one place

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Pipeline small business CRM is as simple or custom as you need it. You can rename each bid stage or metric to reflect your company’s language. Or set up recurring campaigns, include foreign currency, add your company logo, and more.

When you have better insight into your progress, you can make better business decisions. Map, record, and see every stage of the bid as it progresses through your sales cycle. Monitor where all your bids are so you can identify priorities and future opportunities.

Upload important documents and attach notes to your contacts, such as job titles, driving directions, and any unique attributes. Instead of making mistakes or relying on your memory for accurate numbers, trust Pipeline CRM software to be your assistant.

Sync your Microsoft Outlook or Gmail account with Pipeline small business CRM, so you can keep important messages in the same place you track bids, contracts, and client information.

Explore all of our powerful CRM features.

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Pipeline CRM Customer Success Stories

We’re especially proud to be the small business CRM of choice for companies in manufacturing, transportation and logistics

construction, distribution and professional services.


wire stone 100

Digital Marketing Industry

Wire Stone takes their daily activity up a notch by taking full advantage of Pipeline CRM.
mgecom 100

Marketing Industry​

MGECOM relies on Pipeline CRM to tell their salespeople what they need to do and when they need to do it.
8th light 100

Software Industry​

Pipeline CRM has helped 8th Light manage their growth by making it easy to see what needs to be prioritized and run monthly reports for board meetings.

Customer stories

What Our Valued
Customers Are Saying

Jeff Vaughn

Jeff Vaughn,
Vice President of Sales at Trailer Bridge

“Our sales process is so streamlined that we increased productivity 100%

Customer stories

What Our Valued
Customers Are Saying


Marco Kristen,
Marketing Director at TENMAT

“Our sales went up 30% with the same amount of people and resources”

Customer stories

What Our Valued
Customers Are Saying


Kim Hicks,
Sales Administrator at Cornerstone Flooring

“With Pipeline, we’re closing deals much faster and communicating better.”

Small businesses should use CRM software for two main reasons: automation and contact management.


As it is, resources are limited, so automating tasks can grant more time to accomplish crucial to-do’s. For example, instead of manually sending emails to new subscribers, set up a drip campaign that automatically sends welcome emails. Then, use this extra time to make a follow-up call.


Furthermore, building a customer database from contacts allows businesses to make data-driven decisions. 

Our seamless automation feature enables you to save time and streamline workflows.


We’ll take over the mundane tasks (e.g., assign tasks and create deal steps) while you engage with prospects to build better customer relationships. Additionally, other big-brand CRMs come with high price tags and complex features that aren’t needed for small businesses.


In contrast, Pipeline is a CRM without the fluff. You get the fundamental sales CRM features in every subscription tier (e.g., field customization and email tracking). When you need a more robust solution, simply upgrade the plan. You pay for the features that matter to you. 


💡 Together with Pipeline CRM, a two-person business achieved a 35% Y-o-Y growth rate, scaling them into a 100-employee company. 


Read the story here. 

The following are the best Pipeline CRM features for small businesses:


  • Email sync and tracking: access all your sales email communication in one easy-to-filter place. You can effortlessly continue the conversation or quickly search for vital information that helps seal the deal.


  • Contact management: upselling and cross-selling are keys to growing small businesses. Get a detailed view of your accounts and recognize the opportunities while they’re hot. 


  • Lead management: running a small business is all about efficiency. Discover your daily priority task in seconds by looking at your “dashboard.” See who to contact, what for, and when to ensure every lead moves down the sales pipeline.


See the full list of features here.