How 3 Manufacturing Companies Use Pipeline CRM

Manufacturing companies endure many challenges, from insufficient supply chain management to gauging demand for better preparation. One little slip — and your reputation gets compromised. 


If you are facing the same problems, Pipeline’s custom CRM solutions are what you need. This tool is built by salespeople for salespeople, just like you. We know your frustrations when it comes to increasing pipeline and streamlining communication. 


Here are how 3 manufacturing companies used Pipeline to do just that:




TENMAT is a Manchester-based manufacturing company that develops advanced materials and components for industrial applications. Their product range includes high-performance wear parts and bearings, hard metals, passive fire protection solutions, engineering ceramics, and other high-temperature-resistant materials.


Pre Pipeline CRM Challenges


Firstly, TENMAT needed help scaling its revenue in North America with the same-sized sales team. Then, another challenge was maintaining customer relationships across the entire sales cycle, varying from a few months to up to two years. 


To streamline all that while maintaining a competitive edge, TENMAT was looking for a CRM for manufacturing companies to automate their operation. Marco Kristen, Marketing Director at TENMAT, said they tried to explore Salesforce as an option. However, the platform was “too overwhelming” for them. 


Pipeline CRM Features Used


In their search for a tool with a proven record in the manufacturing industry, the marketing director came across Pipeline. The company hasn’t looked back since. 


Our sales team management feature lets them optimize their sales operations without spending extra cash or manpower on scaling resources. Each sales rep logs in to Pipeline daily to organize tasks, deals, and contacts to stay on track. Our powerful reporting lets them pull up advanced and visual insights as per their needs.


In no time, the TENMAT team could:


  • Compare sales performance
  • Predict future deals
  • Check the progress in hitting the targeted quota
  • Identify patterns of successful deals


The team also uses our extensive account customization, which makes our services fit the company’s needs like a glove. Their tech team also has access to Pipeline to generate instant reports on any account they require.




Adopting our CRM software paid off for TENMAT exponentially. 


The company drove a 20% increase in revenue and a 30% increase in sales through its operations in North America. Besides meeting the sales goals, TENMAT improved its conversion rate by 20% with the same manpower and resources.


Following this success, TENMAT’s Europe branches have also started using Pipeline as their end-to-end CRM solution. Kristen also pointed out how Pipeline CRM made their limited resources more efficient, “As a manager, I see the individual performance, forecasting, and get a quick snapshot of the business including success rates. That helps us make the best business decisions about our data.”


2. Vermeer Southeast


Based in Orlando, Florida, Vermeer Southeast has made its name as a heavy equipment supplier for underground construction as well as in tree care, rental, and landscape industries. Besides covering 10+ locations in the US, this manufacturing company also offers services in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Cambodia. 


Pre Pipeline CRM Challenges 


After becoming the IT Director of Vermeer Southeast a decade ago, James Jeffcoat found their customer database management system to be chaotic. There was no central repository for him to track all the operations across teams. Every time a local machine faced a glitch, all the customer information got erased. To avoid that, the teams had to back up the data separately, which left a lot of room for error. 


Jeffcoat also stated how they lost years of data for an entire market several times. Plus, the CRM they used charged extra to export data beyond a few limited reports.


Pipeline CRM Features Used


To solve these problems, Jeffcoat needed agile CRM software capable of handling operations across multiple locations under the same platform. He ran an extensive survey among Vermeer managers to see what features they needed. Then, he tested ten different products and chose us due to the functionality under a very affordable Pipeline CRM pricing.  


Vermeer Southeast started using our centralized customer data repository to keep client information organized and accessible across the company. The teams can now handle their deals and enter data on the go using our lead management feature. They can note and prioritize each item in the pipeline, track their daily agenda, and make smarter decisions. Our comprehensive reports let managers stay on top of every sales activity and lead progress in real time without going through the earlier complications. 




Before choosing Pipeline, Jeffcoat spent 25% to 50% time troubleshooting or fixing the old CRM tool. He was either trying to recover lost data or writing custom scripts to export the data without spending extra money. Now, the IT director of Vermeer Southeast spends less than 30 minutes a week accessing any data he needs! 


Our real-time sales insights have significantly reduced the company’s deal closing time. The sales reps can generate reports, identify and call potential customers, and line up appointments in a jiffy.


According to Jeffcoat, Pipeline CRM for manufacturing companies has also helped his team build stronger customer relationships- “We’re not the cheapest option in the market, so we have to give people a reason to go with us.” 


With all the necessary information at their fingertips, Vermeer’s sales team appeals to the customer’s needs and closes deals quickly. 


3. Cornerstone Flooring


Cornerstone Flooring is the United States’ largest single-source high-performance resinous flooring manufacturer and installer. In the 33 years of its operations, the company has earned a solid reputation in the manufacturing industry in the US and Canada. 


Challenges they faced


Cornerstone Flooring was using a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system without proper customizations. Stuck with many unnecessary features, the platform was difficult to navigate, making the operations a “jumbled mess.” 


Pre-Pipeline CRM Challenges 


They needed CRM software that could be customized to their specific needs and fit their budget. So, the company researched different CRM options, finally settling on Pipeline. Our full-service onboarding package cost them less in the first year than they would have spent in a quarter to customize their existing system. 


By using our sales team management feature, they know exactly where they stand and where they need to improve. In addition, automated lead management also enables the sales team to send notes on any areas of improvement, which the team can immediately follow up on. 


The sales team also stated how our reporting feature generates detailed insights, empowering the company’s owner to coach the sales teams more effectively.




Since adopting Pipeline CRM, Cornerstone can now monitor every aspect of sales performance, reporting a 100% increase in data trackability. They also reduced the average time-to-close from 42 days to 24 days. 


An Overview of Pipeline CRM for Manufacturing Companies


The customer stories are testaments to Pipeline’s reliability as an end-to-end CRM for manufacturing companies


The customer stories are testaments to Pipeline’s reliability as an end-to-end CRM for manufacturing companies. But what more does it offer? And what does the pricing look like? To give you a better understanding, here is an overview of our custom CRM solutions for manufacturing companies: 


Pipeline CRM features


  • Multiple sales workflow tracking
  • Automatic recurring deals 
  • Automated task allocation and real-time status update
  • Automated email drip campaigns
  • Automated project scheduling and follow-up reminders
  • Task prioritization and next-step suggestions
  • Performance tracking for the sales team
  • AI-powered analytics and reporting 
  • Integrations with popular productivity tools, dialers, and more


Pipeline CRM Pricing


  • Start plan: $25 per user per month
  • Develop plan: $33 per user per month
  • Grow plan: $49 per user per month


Pipeline CRM Ratings



Impress Customers and Drive Profits with Pipeline CRM


Be it a lack of data organization, inefficient performance monitoring, or customization issues, the above three manufacturing companies were facing challenges despite their years of experience in the field. Opting for Pipeline CRM lets them: 


  • Overcome roadblocks
  • Improve sales teams’ performance
  • Create strong client relationships
  • Grow sales 


Want the same for your business? Start your free trial and enjoy the benefits of CRM today!

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