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MaxSold grows their business by almost a 100 percent margin when switching to Pipeline CRM

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MaxSold Takes Lead Management to the "Max"

Sushee Perumal tried three different CRM’s before making the switch to Pipeline CRM. After dealing with complicated, non-intuitive platforms, Perumal and his company, MaxSold thought it was time to reconsider their options.

What sold them with Pipeline CRM was their low-price point, and straightforward, easy to use features.

Perumal says, “The reporting features and the ability to add users and re-assign users to leads was far better with Pipeline CRM [than what they were using previously].”

In fact, Perumal says the ability to easily manage their lead flow is probably the most valuable feature MaxSold gets from Pipeline CRM. With a couple of clicks, Perumal knows exactly how many leads they have in their pipeline.

MaxSold has grown exponentially this past year and Pipeline CRM has scaled with them. They went from 15 leads per-day, to an average of 80. With such a large influx of leads, Perumal says Pipeline CRM takes the worry out of whether their team is going to be able to handle selling to the new business. If it had been one of their old platforms, they definitely would have run into capacity issues.

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White Plains, NY

Manufacturing Industry

Cornerstone Flooring is the nation’s largest single-source manufacturer and installer of high-performance resinous flooring systems. Their customer base includes Fortune 500 companies in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, aeronautical, industrial, and biotech markets.


“It’s a good feeling to be able to scale without having to worry about whether or not our CRM can handle it,” Perumal says.

In fact, the business has grown between 80-100 percent this past year, and Perumal attributes much of that to their ability to manage leads.


“If we are getting leads and they are falling on the floor and not managed consistently, then we would be leaving a lot of money on the table… Because we have [Pipeline CRM] to manage these leads and the clients who call in, we are able to better serve our customers.”

Better Communication Leads to Measurable Change

Perumal raves about Pipeline CRM’ ability to increase communication across his team, and how it gives him visibility into the interworking of the company’s sales pipeline.


MaxSold office’s span both coasts of the United States, as well as Canada. With such a heavily dispersed team, the CRM has allowed them to collaborate and see what their teams around the country have been working on.


It also allows them to assign leads to sales representatives based on their location and territory, as well as manage and track the progress of those leads to close.


And not only does Pipeline CRM increase communication and visibility across the MaxSold team, but it also increases communication across prospects, leads, and customers.

We went from an average of 10-14 percent conversion rates, to up to 30 percent. We have almost tripled conversion rates with Pipeline CRM.

MaxSold utilizes the Accelerator plan’s features, when it comes to external communication.

For example, MaxSold uses Accelerator’s two-way email sync to be more hands on when it comes to reaching out to a lead.


In the past, they would send out emails and wait blindly for the recipient to receive and respond. With Accelerator’s trackable email, Perumal says, “If [the prospect] hasn’t taken any action such as open or click on the email, we can follow up with them. We are able to be more proactive that way.”


MaxSold also takes advantage of Accelerator’s automation features. They like that they can set the system to add a task as soon as a lead comes in. It allows them to make sure they are following up with every lead efficiently.

Perumal says that in the service industry, 80 percent of the companies you call don’t call you back. “Our goal is to make sure we call back every lead.” Because of the automation, Pipeline CRM creates a task that allows them to call and make that first touch with the customer happen. Pipeline CRM has not only expanded the communication within MaxSold’s own team, but also their customer base.

Organization and Communication Led to Growth and Scalability

MaxSold has been able to scale their business by almost a 100 percent margin this last year. Perumal attributes much of this growth to the lead management benefits of Pipeline CRM.


The addition of Pipeline CRM led to better organizational structure and communication across the company, which all play a part in the company’s ability to increase its ROI.


Perumal says, “We have improved speed to close by 36 percent. We are one-third faster… We are on top of effectiveness and efficiency with Pipeline CRM.”