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Team Destroyer and Jacksonville Sharks Win with Pipeline CRM

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Jacksonville Sharks

The Moment/The Problem

Jeff Bouchy had been running his two sports-minded companies, Team Destroyer and the Jacksonville Sharks, for nearly a decade but always faced one constant challenge.

“I wasn’t getting the data I needed but I wanted to grow my companies.”


His sales team had customer relationship management (CRM) software in place, the server-based Act! CRM. Bouchy said his sales associates wouldn’t use it and they were “fighting” him about it.

“I understood why they fought me on it. Act! was very cumbersome, slow, and difficult to use. Integrations were not great. The email marketing wasn’t good,” he explained.


Bouchy had enough of those drawbacks when his companies didn’t reach sales goals.

“That hurt us financially. That’s when I started to research better CRM solutions. It had been nine years and it was time to find something that could help me run my businesses.”

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Team Destroyer and Jacksonville Sharks

Jacksonville, FL

Sports Industry

By gaining pipeline visibility, two sports-focused companies are on track to reach a 20 percent boost in sales by next year.


Today, I have 100% visibility into my sales pipeline and that has made all the difference.

The Search

Instead of an on-premise system, Bouchy searched for a cloud-based CRM solution. Data would be stored on a remote, external network that users can access anytime through an Internet connection.


He narrowed his finalists down to a few top contenders based on reviews, videos, and research. He completed demos of Pipedrive and Zoho but found a winner in Pipeline CRM.

The Solution

“Pipeline CRM has different pipelines called Multiple Pipelines. I knew right away that I can manage my business with this great feature. It was a huge selling point.”


Bouchy’s sports-centered businesses run seasonally and he was able to customize Pipeline CRM the way he wanted to. He also set up Pipeline CRM to reflect the different segments and categories that matter to his business including sponsorship, suite, trade, and group sales.

Bouchy also found Pipeline CRM has multiple integrations he needs to run his businesses including Gmail, Quickbooks, and Mailchimp.


All that was left was actually migrating his data from Act! to Pipeline CRM.


“I knew that switching CRMs would be like learning a new language. First, I got the Pipeline CRM terminology right and from there, it was really quick to learn. In a matter of hours, I was working.”

It's proven to be the CRM you'll actually use.

The Result

Bouchy’s favorite feature is the Activity Report which enables him to see how productive his employees are and he gets a snapshot of the sales activities they are accomplishing. He says his team has established much needed accountability so they could eventually hit their sales goals.


“Today, I have 100% visibility into my sales pipeline and that has made all the difference.”


Bouchy and his employees are getting the data they need when they need it. Plus, Bouchy’s team is no longer “fighting” him about the company’s CRM.

“My staff likes it. I’m getting my information. There’s accountability. I can see what my salespeople are doing. We task each other to-dos. We’re efficient!”


Besides experiencing an efficiency boost, simply having a CRM that his team uses has also boosted morale.


“I have a 75-year-old salesperson who is just great, he knows everyone in town! He told me that he started off his career in a different era so he doesn’t like technology but he’s getting a grasp of Pipeline CRM and he’s really using it. If he can use it then anyone can use it.”

Each sales representative is using the Pipeline CRM mobile app out in the field. “The mobile app is pretty damn good,” said Bouchy. “I have all of our contacts in the mobile app. I can call and email from there.”

He said that while his sales representatives are on the go they add tasks and upload data on the spot.

“To have all our clients’ info at our fingertips is really great! Everyone is with me all the time, no matter where I am.”

Bouchy said that since Pipeline CRM has been working so well for Team Destroyer, he has now implemented it for the Jacksonville Sharks.

“Now, I have both of my businesses running on Pipeline CRM. It’s proven to be the CRM you’ll actually use.”

With a new level of CRM usage and efficiency, Bouchy says he is confident his company will reach its sales goals. Overall, his companies are on track to reach a 20 percent boost in sales by next year.


“Pipeline CRM is an absolute. I don’t how I lived without it or how I stayed 15 years in business without it. It has made my life so much easier and our work so much more productive. Pipeline CRM is a game changer.”

The mobile app is pretty damn good. I have all of our contacts in the mobile app. I can call and email from there.