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Pipeline CRM partner Evergrowth grows with its startup clients

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Entrepreneurship inspired the success behind Lithuanian consulting firm Evergrowth, a company that got its start as an in-house incubator of a European venture capital company.

Jean-Baptiste Daguen and his team were rapidly accelerating startups at venture firm Practica Capital. After much success, Practica Capital’s leadership team encouraged Daguen and his team to the spin-off. That’s how Evergrowth was born, taking on startup companies that weren’t within Practica’s portfolio. It was a challenge Daguen felt ready for.
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Vilnius, Lithuania

High-Tech Industry | Pipeline CRM Partner

Evergrowth accelerates B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) startups across Europe by helping sales and marketing teams develop predictable sales pipelines within a data-driven sales framework.

Pipeline CRM also met the data reporting requirements he wanted.


“Our business and our SaaS clients make decisions, thrive and run on data. That’s why we love Pipeline CRM just as much as our clients.”


Daguené said that Pipeline CRM game-changing features include its integration with Google and Excel. He also pointed out the Agenda feature which makes sales leaders’ jobs easier by enabling customized filters and columns. Daguené said other CRMs are so much more limited in how data is displayed.

Growth for Evergrowth

Evergrowth positioned itself to accelerate B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) companies. It turned into an exciting opportunity to help a new set of clients change their sales process and grow.


However, they needed customer relationship management (CRM) software that could track their growing client base, one they could recommend to their clients. They knew a sales-focused CRM was instrumental to help growing companies ramp up and thrive.

“For early stage startups, it’s part of our job to take a close look at their very first clients so we can reverse engineer their data and generate lists of prospects that look similar to their customers. We then get working on campaigns, prospecting and outreaching.”


Evergrowth created two programs called Sales Exploration and Sales Acceleration. The company then hired data researchers skilled in data science to produce highly curated lists of business-to-business leads.

“We aren’t just service providers, we are an extension of our clients’ teams. We never celebrate when we close deals, we only celebrate when our clients’ close deals.”

The CRM training is straightforward and it's easy for them to find what they need. Pipeline CRM has great features that you just can't find in other CRMs.

Searching for a CRM Solution

Understanding their own needs and their clients’ needs, Daguené turned to Pipeline CRM. He researched the success Pipeline CRM has had among small and midsize businesses for more than a decade including in categories such as ease of use and adoptability. He also knew Pipeline CRM would be loved by sales teams for another reason: flexibility.

“Salespeople are great individuals but they’re also very stubborn. They don’t like to change so you have to offer and train on a CRM that is very flexible to their needs and wants.”

The Ultimate Sales CRM Solution

With decades of experience in sales, Daguené realized quickly that Pipeline CRM fit the characteristics he was seeking for himself and his clients.


“I’m a sales guy myself so one of my favorite tools before using Pipeline CRM was spreadsheets. Pipeline CRM is a great transition from spreadsheets and so much more intuitive. You can work easily with its inline editing, create filters, add columns, make unique lists to ultimately see where you can add value in your pipeline.”

The Result: Steady Growth for Evergrowth

Evergrowth has seen steady growth since taking off on its own. The company now has 20 employees, including freelancers and part-time employees. Daguené said they are recruiting two to three employees every month to help meet the demand for their services.


He also said Pipeline CRM continues to play a significant role in their growth.


“Every week we are freezing data we have in Pipeline CRM. We do this with one click and in three minutes, thanks to Pipeline CRM integrations. With many other CRMs, it would take us one hour.”

As for his clients, he onboards them easily during a two-day workshop. During those sessions he helps define their ideal customer profile. Training continues by showing them how to create filters and dashboards.


“The CRM training is straightforward and it’s easy for them to find what they need. Pipeline CRM has great features that you just can’t find in other CRMs.”

As a result, Daguené can concentrate on other aspects of his consulting work.


“What differentiates us is that we are an extension of our clients’ teams. We challenge them on the sales process, think with them and ask them why they are contacting certain leads. Along the way, we help businesses solve problems and Pipeline CRM helps us accomplish that.”

Our business and our SaaS clients make decisions, thrive, and run on data. That's why we love Pipeline CRM just as much as our clients.