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4 ways this construction contractor used Pipeline CRM to increase sales 20%

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The right CRM software helped Bay Area Underpinning streamline their sales process and beat the competition.

Contracting is a very competitive business. Jobs can be won or lost based on the communication between your team and your potential client during the bidding process. So how can your crew exceed expectations and get a leg up on the competition?


Bay Area Underpinning increased sales 15 – 20% by using Pipeline CRM. It helped this 10 year old foundation repair company in San Francisco strengthen their team’s value, build trust with clients and show quality. We asked them to share a few of the ways our CRM software improved their sales process.

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Bay Area Underpinning

Bay Area, CA

Contracting Industry

Bay Area Underpinning is an expert full service foundation repair company in the Bay Area of California. They serve the San Francisco and surrounding areas.

They had easy access to necessary information.

Pipeline CRM is more than a contact database. It keeps track of all past interactions with your clients. And it stores all of your notes and documents, so you can make more accurate bid estimates.
Many companies still rely on the same old-school spreadsheets and home-built systems. But these outdated tools won’t grow a modern business. You’ll need a system that will track the sales pipeline, one you can access from anywhere, on any device, and trust that information will always be updated, accurate, and backed up.
The “Dashboard” feature on the app’s homepage allowed Bay Area Underpinning to get a quick overview of all their important information in one place. And they had easy access to their clients’ contact information and documents whenever they needed them.

Everyone on their team was organized and collaborative.

Everyone on the Bay Area Underpinning team was able to easily adopt and use the software to streamline their tasks. For example, their Office manager uses it to schedule the Estimators’ appointments and share customer notes. The Estimators use it to manage their schedule and reference or update customer information. And the Sales Managers create goals and track sales productivity through easy-to-view reporting, forecasting and pipeline management.


The software renders different results based on each team member’s needs and responsibilities. And the best part is, because no two companies are alike in their job titles, process or terminology, you can easily customize all the fields to suit your business needs.


There’s never any gray area around who is responsible for a lead at any point in the process, which makes it harder for the job to slip through the cracks. The Leaderboard feature even encourages healthy competition and support amongst the Bay Area Underpinning team to reach their sales goals.

Client communications were streamlined

Pipeline CRM helped Bay Area Underpinning stay on top of communication with their leads, follow-up more often, and organize their client history. They were able to spend time nurturing leads rather than wasting time hunting down details.


Have you ever wondered the best time to send an email, or whether that estimate has been opened or shared? If you contact job prospects within 5 minutes of them viewing your message, they’re 100x more likely to respond. Pipeline CRM will alert you when a prospect has looked at an estimate.

Pipeline CRM integrated with their existing tools

Before adopting our CRM software, Bay Area Underpinning used Quickbooks and Microsoft Office. These tools were easily integrated with their account, saving time upfront, as well as valuable time in their ongoing sales process.

Further integrations with PipelineDeals include Outlook (calendar) and importing existing address books of contacts and leads.