Help Scout Integration with Pipeline CRM

Help Scout

Pipeline CRM integrates with Help Scout. Your customers’ success is vital to a long and productive relationship, so ensure that you offer the helpdesk diligence they expect and deserve.
Help Scout’s intuitive collaboration tools keep everything organized, updated, and flowing. Issues and bugs are inevitable; how you handle them can make or break your reputation. Happy customers, happy teams, happy you. Win-win-win.

Help Scout

Manage All Your Customer Care Interactions in One Place

Stay connected

See who is viewing or replying in real-time. When your team is available, Beacon live chat displays your customer’s place in line and defaults to email if necessary. Customers can view and reply to previous conversations in the portal. You can @mention users in Notes to collaborate privately.

Automate intelligently

Lead with relevant articles from Help Docs, so customers can find answers on their own. Two clicks access the most common responses Categorize conversations with tagging, or trigger a simple automation system based on if/then logic. Implement workflows. Create multiple mailboxes for each shared email address, so you can work seamlessly across departments, and manage several products or brands from a single account.

Follow up efficiently

Track interactions and use advanced analytics to provide feedback on your customers’ experiences. Send bulk replies. Robust and accessible reporting allows you to monitor customer satisfaction, measure team performance, and spot trends to prevent issues. Help Scout CRM integration makes it easier to respond, resolve, and follow up.