Excel Integration with Pipeline CRM

Pipeline CRM integrates with Excel. Export your leads and deals on demand to create custom dashboards for reporting. We created this one-of-a-kind add-in for Pipeline customers for free, because we know how important Excel is to your business.
Whether you depend on Excel to gain insights, share monthly reports, or track daily data, this integration will save you a great deal of time and resources. Easily import data from Pipeline to create pivot tables, charts, and graphs to track the unique KPIs for your business.

Supercharge Your Sales Process With Better Data

One-click imports

There’s no long lag time or lengthy tools to learn. Export data from Pipeline CRM directly into Excel with one click, and get started creating the charts and pivot tables you know best.

Real-time data

Refresh data to gain real-time insights any time, or you can even set it to auto-refresh the data every hour. Save time entering new data every day, or recreating the same charts.

Custom reports

Better data is a huge benefit to an organization looking to manage its customers. Create usable insights with custom tables, charts and graphs. Mine your data for deep insights into your customers.