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Our developers are dedicated to making Pipeline CRM work for your business.

Whether you’re looking to create a simple web-to-leads form or a custom integration, we’ve got the tools you need. We also offer behind-the-scenes insight on how we make Pipeline CRM work so well, and sneak previews on upcoming releases.

Engineering Blog

Keep up with our dev team members and get all the latest news on our development priorities. We also love to share inspirations and cautionary tales from around the web.

API Documentation

Our open source API covers all basic aspects of Pipeline CRM objects, so you can get started with writing custom apps quickly. Plus, we make it super-easy to create leads in Pipeline CRM from a form on your website.

Pipeline CRM on GitHub

Check out our public contributions to the Ruby on Rails community, including cookbooks for Chef. You can also explore the favorites code repositories of our dev team members.