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Wire Stone Digital Marketing goes "all in" on Pipeline CRM

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Gung-Ho on Pipeline CRM

Global Business Director, Craig Wishner, started his journey with Pipeline CRM at Tenthwave Digital. And when Tenthwave merged with Wire Stone Digital Marketing a year ago, Wishner made sure they continued to utilize all that the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software had to offer.


Tenthwave had been using Pipeline CRM for three years prior to the merge. And when Wire Stone acquired them, the digital agency looked for a tool to boost efficiency, and unify the two teams.

Wishner said, “I made sure that we kept Pipeline CRM when Wire Stone acquired us because it’s a tool I utilize and like to use. I didn’t want something I wasn’t familiar with.” And after four years with the product, he hasn’t looked back.
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Easy Implementation and Smart Transfer of Data

Wishner has used Excel, Salesforce, and various other CRM platforms in the past, but all were overly complicated and unmanageable, from a scalable perspective. So, when he decided to look at other options, the combination of Pipeline CRM’s simple navigation and intuitive user interface was something he couldn’t pass up.
And for good reason — when first jumping on board with Pipeline CRM at Tenthwave, Wishner said it was a breeze to export all of their data from Salesforce to Pipeline CRM. He had lots of information to retain, and being able to transfer that information over to Pipeline CRM was instrumental for him.
“To me, having that repository of information makes life easier because it allows you to go back and see when you talked to a prospect or customer last, as well as what the conversation was about,” Wishner said. “Any golden nugget that can help you in a conversation is important to me.” Pipeline CRM provided a conduit for data transfer, which lent itself to better organization and productivity across the team.

From a personal perspective, Pipeline CRM gives me what I need to be successful in my journey when starting out my day... it really just gets things at my fingertips and makes my life a lot easier.

Keeps the Team Organized

Wishner gives many use cases for how he utilizes Pipeline CRM. But one of the most valuable components of the software is its ability to keep different team members on the same track. Wishner works in Pipeline CRM constantly throughout his day. Many of his colleagues in diverse roles use the system regularly, as well, to access customer information and collaborate with team members. This puts the whole team on the same page.

For example, he has some employees use it as a repository to help track new business outreach and opportunities.

He also has weekly calls with his managing director and they use Pipeline CRM to go over his deals tab.

Wishner says, “Every hot pursuit is listed in the deals tab, and we go over where prospects are in the sales cycle in regards to those deals.”

Pipeline CRM also allows Wishner and the team to log conversations, as well as create a task list to remind them to follow up with clients and prospects.

They use the platform as a repository, in regards to the information stored on current clients, with future clients, as well as tracking the progress of what’s moving forward.

“If you don’t have a tool, or don’t have a process or approach to how you conduct your business, you’re in quicksand,” Wishner says. “You have to have some type of mechanism that keeps you embracing your different outreach… Pipeline CRM does that for me.”

Easy to Use, Easy to Adopt

One of the initial challenges for Wishner and Wire Stone was keeping on top of daily tasks, and ensuring that they had all the information they needed at their fingertips. Luckily, the team found Pipeline CRM, which made it much easier to store and navigate their data.
It’s all about simplicity. And for Wire Stone, Pipeline CRM helps make tasks and follow-ups, quicker, faster, and easier for understanding what clients and opportunities they have. “But the key is, it needs to become a habit, so you can’t just have Pipeline CRM as a tool you never use,” Wishner says. “You have to use it day in and day out. Otherwise, you’re going to lose the zest and what it’s really meant for.”