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A Decade of Innovation: PipelineDeals and SG Partners

When Michael Lang started up SG Partners, he wanted to do more than consult others about how to sell. His goal was to unlock an organization’s hidden cultural value, which would lead to true sales and leadership effectiveness.


“We analyze not only the people involved but the systems and the processes. If it’s the sales teams, we analyze the effectiveness of the sales leaders, sales people, the systems, and the recruitment process – everything around how to help a sales person be truly effective,” Lang said. “It’s a journey of change.”

Besides creating customized, results-driven training programs, he had to find the right customer relationship management (CRM) software. It needed to provide his clients visibility into their new sales process and include analytics to show how their sales would improve. He said Pipeline CRM stood out when he compared it to other CRMs.

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SG Partners

Newstead, Australia

Sales Consulting Industry | Pipeline CRM Partner

Australia based SG Partners remains a global leader in specialized organizational consulting, with Pipeline CRM as its preferred CRM offering for small and midsize businesses.

“I wasn’t interested in big and complex systems. I wanted a CRM that was easy to use and reliable, yet one that was powerful with the kind of information it reported back. The flow would have to be seamless.”


He evaluated Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Zoho. But when he used Pipeline CRM, he found it was incredibly easy to manage. He knew that ease of use would be important to help his clients reach their organizational potential.

“Sometimes my clients are already using a CRM, and they don’t like their experience,” he said. “Overall, there are three things that clients complain to me about their current CRM: It’s not integrated properly, it’s hard to use, or it’s not easy to access.”


That’s why Lang focused on offering a best-in-class CRM to his wide range of clients. While some clients had a defined sales team in manufacturing, distribution, or IT, others relied on a team of engineers, accountants, or legal professionals who needed to build game changing relationships. They needed a CRM. Yet, until they consulted with SG Partners, they weren’t successful in finding one they could actually use.


Lang said introducing Pipeline CRM to them has made the difference.

The clients that I introduced Pipeline CRM to over the years are still using it today and they absolutely love it. That's a great testimony to the product. It keeps getting better.

Pipeline CRM: Partner and Client Advantage

After more than a decade of successfully working with scale-up companies to enterprises turning over half a billion dollars, Lang has built his portfolio working with two CRMs: Salesforce and Pipeline CRM. However, the differences between the two are clear.


“The contrast is apparent. Pipeline CRM just flows. It’s easy to put a person, company, or deal in Pipeline CRM. What’s really important is that it makes logical sense how you put the data in.”

Lang added that being able to configure a CRM for his clients is also important.

“If you want to make changes in Salesforce, you need an IT person – generally – to make those changes or find someone with 70 badges who knows what to do.”


He said a CRM doesn’t have to be complicated to set up.


“I want to know that I can work within the CRM myself and that I don’t need an IT person to do this. That’s what draws me to Pipeline CRM.”

The Solution: Pipeline CRM

While it’s easy for Lang to work with Pipeline CRM, it’s just as easy for his clients to adopt it into their new and improved sales process. He said Pipeline CRM’s features are truly built to support sales teams. For example, the win-loss ratio feature compares deal types in a useful way.


“There are so many variations to figure out where you need to improve your pipeline engagement.”

He pointed out that it’s also easy to convince his clients to boot up Pipeline CRM through the 14-day free trial.

Within weeks his clients are fully up and running with Pipeline CRM and well on their way to improving their sales.

The Result: Growth for All

“With Pipeline CRM my clients can capture more information and they’re able to understand the metrics of what they are doing. They gain clarity and understand where they need to focus.”


That focus has meant so much to his career.


“I love seeing how people change, and how they change in a group which affects how a company can change for the better. It’s an amazing transformation.”

The SG Partners team continues to help transform companies which has led to consistent industry accolades. For the past decade, SG partners has been a top software reseller partner within Boston based Objective Management Group which is comprised of 300 international software partners.


“I’ve won an award every year. I’ve been in the list of the top 20 resellers every year,” he said. “I’m in a country so far away from the rest of the world, so I am pretty chuffed about that.”

Lang said looking back at his own journey so far, he’s also proud to have consulted start-ups, scale-ups, and mature companies with positive results. Lang said everything is possible if companies are guided by the right sales processes and backed by the right CRM software.


“The clients that I introduced Pipeline CRM to over the years are still using it today and they absolutely love it. That’s a great testimony to the product. It keeps getting better.”

As his own company grows, Lang is interested in working with larger organizations to help them solve their challenging business problems, but he said the end goal will always be the same.


“I want my clients to be excited and more effective at what they do. I want to look back and say my clients have grown because we were involved.”


He added that’s why Pipeline CRM will continue to be a key offering to his clients.


“Thanks to Pipeline CRM, I’ve had no need to look elsewhere.”