Email Drip Campaign Workflows for Service-Based Companies

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Email drip campaigns are a time-saving weapon for today’s sales teams. This automated email marketing technique lets you send targeted email sequences based on specific actions, such as welcoming new leads, nurturing existing ones, or re-engaging cold contacts.


But crafting an effective email drip campaign can be a guessing game. What triggers an email? How long should the wait between emails be? How many email sequences do you need?


This guide cuts through the guesswork. We’ll provide five ready-made email campaign workflows for different sales activities that can be used with any service-based CRM, for example, CRMs for agencies, construction, and manufacturing.


These templates are designed to seamlessly integrate with Pipeline CRM’s powerful drip email solution or most email marketing platforms. This way, you can launch a winning email marketing strategy from the get-go.

Email Drip Campaign Workflows for Service-Based Companies

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Why You Should Leverage Email Drip Campaigns

Before discussing the drip email workflows, let’s highlight the key benefits of using an email drip campaign feature, especially when integrated with customizable sales CRM software.


  • Effective time management: email drip campaigns free up your time by automating your sales outreach while ensuring each recipient receives personalized messages at the right time.
  • Consistent lead engagement: since 80% of successful sales require five follow-up calls, a drip campaign can help you turn cold leads into sizzling hot prospects ready to convert.
  • Decreased customer cost acquisition: when the lead nurturing process runs automatically, you spend less time and money on customer acquisition. You can allocate the resources to upsell or cross-selling sales, fostering customer loyalty. 


In short, leveraging email drip campaigns automates nurturing leads, ensuring each receives personalized attention and progresses smoothly down the sales funnel.


Top tip: this guide outlines best practices for setting up email drip campaigns, such as segmenting the recipients and providing valuable information. 


How to Create an Email Drip Workflow

Building a strong workflow is the foundation of any successful email drip campaign. Here’s a step-by-step approach to create one:


  • Define your campaign goal


Start by determining the purpose of your campaign. Are you aiming to nurture new leads, re-engage inactive subscribers, or drive sales? A clear goal will guide the content and tone of your emails.


  • Map out the workflow


Visualize the sequence of emails, outlining the content, triggers, and timing for each message. This helps ensure a logical progression and prevents redundancy.


  • Set triggers and endpoints


Identify what action will initiate the drip sequence (e.g., downloading a guide) and what will mark its completion (e.g., making a purchase or unsubscribing).


  • Structure your email sequence


Decide on the number of emails you’ll send and the ideal wait time between each. Consider your audience’s attention span and the complexity of your message.


  • Plan compelling content


Craft engaging content for each email, ensuring a smooth narrative that keeps your audience interested. The content should build upon itself, guiding recipients towards your desired outcome. 


Remember, data is your friend. Always track any links you include in your emails to monitor their performance and continuously optimize your campaigns for maximum impact.

Here’s an overview of how to create an email campaign workflow. (All the workflows are adapted from Smartsheet)


chart- How to setup an email drip campaign


Once you cover the foundation, you can tailor each email campaign to match your sales needs—or adopt the five automated email workflows below, specially designed for your service-based business.


5 Email Drip Workflow Templates

1. Prospect Inquiries Email Drip Workflow


1. Prospect Inquiries Email Drip Workflow


The first step in customer onboarding is welcoming them with an email. For instance, after a prospect asks your construction company to give an estimate, send them a greeting email. Start by thanking them for showing interest in your business, explaining your services, and outlining the next step and the expected deadline for their requests.


You can set up a meeting to discuss their inquiries further or send additional relevant marketing materials after delivering the estimate to keep them engaged. Don’t hesitate to send a friendly follow-up email after five business days if you haven’t heard back.


2. Lead Nurturing Email Drip Workflow


2. Lead Nurturing Email Drip Workflow


Don’t waste resources chasing unqualified leads. Before investing time, conduct lead scoring to identify high-potential prospects. This prioritization ensures your efforts yield the highest return. This guide will help you measure your lead quality


If the leads are worth pursuing, segment them on your sales CRM software based on their buying stage (TOFU, MOFU, BOFU) and tailor your marketing materials accordingly.


  • Top of the Funnel (TOFU): offer educational content like videos, blogs, infographics, and ebooks to nurture awareness.
  • Middle of the Funnel (MOFU): provide solution-focused content, such as case studies, comparison guides, and solution-led blogs, to demonstrate value.
  • Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU): incentivize conversions with free trials, customer testimonials, pricing guides, and FAQs.


If you receive positive engagement with your emails, this indicates a sales-ready lead. The next step is assigning them to your sales reps for personalized nurturing.


For less responsive leads, don’t give up! Consider re-engaging them with relevant content after a few months (see the next workflow template below). At this time, their buying journey might have progressed, making them more receptive to your offer.


3. Lead Re-engagement Email Drip Workflow


3. Lead Re-engagement Email Drip Workflow


While some leads that land on your CRM sales pipelines are ready to buy, some are not. If you think they are the right fit for your business, don’t delete them from your customer list. Instead, put them on your re-engagement list.


Start by sending an email reminding them of your past interaction and their initial pain points. Gently check if they’ve found a solution yet or are still in the search. To sweeten the deal, you can offer special discounts or send the latest customer success stories to convince them further. If they still give you the cold shoulder, it’s time to move on to the next lead.


4. Lost Lead Email Drip Workflow


4. Lost Lead Email Drip Workflow


Leverage your CRM software to analyze the past interactions of lost leads and identify the reasons they dropped you off. Then, craft a targeted email drip campaign to re-engage them. For instance, you can share customer success stories addressing specific challenges, solution-led blogs that showcase your services, or even special offers that address their previous hesitations. The idea is to understand the gap and fill it with relevant information to rekindle their interest in your company.


Top tip: steal some email messages from these email template collections to reconnect with your cold leads.


5. Gated Content Email Drip Workflow


5. Gated Content Email Drip Workflow


This automated email sequence nurtures leads who’ve downloaded your valuable gated content and moves them closer to becoming customers. This is what makes it work:


  • Initial welcome email: thank them for downloading, briefly explain what the content covers, and send the download link.
  • Reinforcement emails: deliver one to two other emails with content that delves deeper into the topics covered in the gated content, offering additional insights and solutions.
  • Add a powerful call to action (CTA): gradually introduce your service as the solution to the challenges addressed in the content. Encourage them to take the next step, like scheduling a demo or starting a free trial.


Boost Sales with Automated CRM Email Drip Campaigns

Email drip campaigns are your secret weapon for automated nurturing. Set them up once, and personalize the messaging flow to your leads at the perfect time.


To seamlessly integrate your email marketing efforts with customer data, opt for an email solution integrated with CRM software, such as Pipeline CRM’s automated email feature. Pair this feature with our AI email assistance tool to elevate your efficiency, enabling you to rapidly create personalized email messages while maintaining a genuine human touch.


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