CRM Automation: Reconnecting with Cold Prospects With Emails Templates

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You had a list of prospects but weren’t able to convert them. Then, over a period of time, they went cold. Now, you’re tasked with reactivating these prospects. 


How to warm up a cold relationship?


Reconnecting with cold prospects is possible if you follow a few simple rules and best practices, including how to craft intriguing email messages. In this blog, we’ll give you some email templates to re-establish idle connections with leads. Simply add them to your sales CRM software or email marketing tools.

Email Templates to Warm Up Cold Prospects

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What to Expect From Rekindling Cold Sales Relationships


Although reconnecting with cold prospects can be challenging, it is not an impossible job. To win a cold prospect’s heart, you need to follow these two simple rules:


1) send the right message with the right approach, and

2) manage your expectations. 


Here’s a short list of what to expect: 


  1. Prospects go cold for various reasons. For example, they no longer needed your product or service, were in no hurry, weren’t convinced to purchase, or their budget didn’t match the price. Knowing these reasons will better guide your approach. 
  2. Sending messages alone may not be enough to restore the relationship.
  3. When you reach out, your prospects may ghost you. 
  4. If your prospects continue to ghost you for an extended period, consider removing them from your email list. 
  5. If you remove your prospects, don’t delete them, but keep them in other lists (more on this later). 


Now you know what the outcome can be, let’s look at the email templates based on the type of cold prospects and email goals.


1. Email Templates for General Reactivation Purpose


The following email templates are designed to reach inactive subscribers and dead leads. Feel free to customize each of these templates to suit your business. 


Message #1: Your best contact info


Subject: Is this your best email address? 


[First Name],


Is this your best email address?

I haven’t heard from you in a while, and I want to verify that our messages are getting through. If you’re still interested in us, you can update your information here.



Message #2: How can we serve you?


Subject: We care about you


Hi [First Name],


Companies don’t care about their customers anymore.” It’s a common sentiment we’re hearing online these days. We can’t speak for everyone, but we care about you. We want to know how to serve you best. 


Can you help? 


If you’re willing to share, I have three questions for you. 


  1. Are we making you happy? 


  1. If not, how can we change that? If you’re happy, how can we make you happiest?


  1. How can we earn a 5-star review or 10/10 customer service score from you?  


We want you to feel happy and satisfied. What’s the best way for us to get there together? 




Message #3: Thinking of you


Subject: I saw this, and I thought of you


Hi [First Name],


I saw this article on [site] and thought about you. In our previous conversation, you mentioned [quote], so this [article] would be useful to you.  






Message #4: My gift to you


Subject: This gift made [client] [results], and it’s all yours


[First Name],


Big news. 


We took your advice, and we [action]. We created this [lead magnet] for customers just like you. [Client], one of our clients, used [lead magnet] to achieve [result]


It’s free, and it’s available now. 


You can get it here.




Message #5: Should I keep you on the email list?


Subject: Would love to keep you in the loop


Hi [First Name],


I noticed you haven’t been reading our messages.

I don’t want to keep bothering you with emails, but I don’t want to cut you off either completely… Not if you’re interested in staying.

Are you… Interested in staying?

If you want to continue receiving our emails, just click this link


Talk soon,



Pro tip: Clean your email list


Don’t be afraid to clean your email list. In fact, it’s recommended to take cold prospects off the list if they don’t respond after 60-90 days. Removing these uninterested subscribers improves your opens, clicks, and forwards. You’ll also reduce spam complaints, bounces, and unsubscribe rates. 


2. Email Templates for Outdated Contact Information

Your point of contact changes all the time. Contacts change roles or jobs frequently; details can change without notice. Let’s take a look at how you address both. 


If you’re in the B2C space and your prospects have shared a personal email address, this is less of a problem. However, this can be a major problem for B2B. 


What you’ll need: 


  • A new point of contact
  • A decision maker
  • Case studies, testimonials, or reviews
  • An irresistible offer
  • Urgency triggers


Message #1: Outdated information for B2B


Subject: [client] achieved [results] in [timeframe]


Hi [First Name],


It’s a pleasure to meet you! I see that you’ve just joined [client] as an [title].  


I’ve CC’d [decision maker] and looped them in on our conversation.


I see that you’ve been dealing with [problem]. Working with [client], we helped them achieve [results]. If you’re open to it, we have a [irresistible offer] that we’re making available to [# clients]


Is that something you’d be interested in? 




Message #2: Outdated information for B2C


Subject: Re: Contact information


Hi [First Name],


What’s the best way to get in touch with you? 


Would you prefer we contact you via email, or would phone/text be better? Should we use this email address, or would you prefer something else? 




Pro tip: Follow prospects on social media

It’s wise to maintain connections with your point of contact and decision-makers. If you’re in the B2B space, this is essential. Add or follow your contacts on LinkedIn so you know when something changes in their professional life. If you have a strong connection with your contacts, you’ll know when they will make a change before they do it. 


3. Email Templates for Dead Leads

Checking in with prospects who have gone silent is always a good idea. There’s a very good chance that your prospects: 


  • Haven’t addressed their problem
  • Went with a competitor and had a terrible experience
  • Are still actively searching for a provider


Here are two templates to reach out to your dead or inactive leads. 


Message #1: Did everything work out?


Subject: Did things work out for you?  


[First Name],


A few months ago, you mentioned needing help with [problem]


Are you still in the market for that?  


Please let us know if you’ve already gone with someone else. If you haven’t made a decision yet, we can help you. 




Message #2: Don’t give up on this


Subject: Have you given up on [problem]?


Hello again [First Name],


On [date], you mentioned that you were looking for help to solve [problem]. I never heard back from you, and I wanted to make sure that you were taken care of. 


If you’ve already made a decision, please let me know. 




Pro tip: Optimize your follow-up workflow and sales pipelines

Balancing between nurturing active and cold leads can be a handful. However, reactivating dead leads can be profitable. Why? Because you can purchase aged leads at a bargain. It’s an excellent way to lower your cost-per-lead while increasing the value and returns you can earn.


4. Email Templates for Unhappy Customers

Your customers are unhappy. There could be a misunderstanding or a mistake somewhere. Whatever caused it, it made them stop trusting you and ditch your products. Here’s how you win your prospects back.


What you’ll need: 


  • The trigger (why your customer is unhappy)
  • A restitution request
  • A request for instructions
  • Follow-up messages (x3)


Message #1: I see your unhappiness


Subject: “[your company] is the worst, I hate them.”


Hi [First Name],


I saw your review on Google [trigger] and wanted to reach out. In your review, you mentioned that you were unhappy about [problem]


Your point of view makes sense to me. 


How can we make this up to you? What can we do to make things right between us? 




Message #2: The root of the problem


Subject: Did we find all of the problems?


Hi [First Name],


Did we get to the root of your problem? 


I saw from your feedback that you were unhappy about [problem]. How can we make this up to you? What can we do to make things right between us? 


Thanks so much for your patience and understanding. 




Message #3: Open invitation


Hi [First Name],


I saw from your feedback that you were unhappy about [problem]. We’d like to make things up to you. 


We’ve addressed the [problem].


Can we do anything else to make things right between us? 


Please let me know,




Pro tip: Ask a manager to call prospects

Reaching out to customers directly via phone is often more effective than sending emails. While a salesperson can work at this, a manager or director should pursue these issues directly. Customers want to see that you’re taking things seriously. Hearing from senior management is satisfying, as it helps customers address their frustration and restore the relationship.  


5. Email Templates for Countering Relationship Drift

Have you and a prospect (or customer) drifted apart? Maybe you haven’t sent them a message in a long time. Use this email template to restore the relationships. 


What you’ll need: 


  • A trigger (or reason to connect)
  • An apology (for drifting apart)
  • An irresistible offer 
  • Bonus offers
  • Urgency triggers


Message #1: An anniversary gift for you


Subject: I don’t want to break up with you


[First Name], 


Today is our anniversary. [Trigger]


One year ago, you came into our life. It’s been a while since we’ve seen you, and we want you back. 


We got you an anniversary gift. 


[Irresistible offer] 


Just click the link below to accept your gift. Respond to this message by [date/time], and we’ll include [bonus].




Pro tip: Combine with other communication channels

Use remarketing, direct mail, and text messages together with this email to maximize response rates. Send variations of this message to customers as direct mail and stagger communications over a period of time. 


6. Email Templates for Switching to a Competitor

Your prospect (or customer) has decided to switch to a competitor. This loss is no good, but it’s also an opportunity to steal them back. 


What you’ll need: 


  • A trigger (or reason to connect)
  • An apology (for letting them down)
  • An irresistible offer 
  • Bonus offers
  • Urgency triggers


First things first, you’re going to need a good reason to reconnect with your ex-customer. That’s your trigger, and it comes in two varieties: industry news and competitor news. Once you have that, you’re ready to get started. 


Message #1: The root of the problem


Subject: I can’t believe they did that to you!  


[First Name].


I just heard the news, I’m so sorry. 


I just heard that [competitor] had [negative triggering event]. They’re saying that this is going to be a real problem for a variety of reasons.


[list reasons]


So here’s the thing: 


We want you back; we make an incredible team. We miss you, and we enjoyed working together. You might wonder, “Why on earth would I do that?

Here’s why: 


[Irresistible offer]


So what do you think? Are you interested? 




Message #2: They’ve screwed up


Subject: Has [competitor] let you down? 


Hello [First Name].


Has [competitor] let you down? 


[Competitor] recently announced that there has been a [negative triggering event]. They’re saying that this isn’t a serious concern. Here’s why I think that’s not true. 


[list reasons]


So here’s the thing: 


We want you back; we make an incredible team. We miss you, and we enjoyed working together. Here’s why we think it’s a great time to switch. 

[Irresistible offer]


So what do you think? Are you interested? 




Warm up Cold Prospects with Effective Email Templates

Reactivating cold leads poses its own challenges but also comes with benefits. When reconnecting with them, remember that there is a reason why the first contact wasn’t successful. It could be because they weren’t ready to buy, your products didn’t match their needs, or an imperfect sales strategy. Whatever the reasons, use them to make up for the unsuccessful approach. 


To connect with your cold leads effectively, save these email templates to your email marketing platform or CRM software like Pipeline CRM. Our automated sales and marketing emails allow you to set sequence emails based on recipients (cold or dead leads) or time- and event-based triggers (no response after 3 days and after signing up for a webinar). You can also further customize the email templates using our built-in AI email assistance. This way, the email campaigns will run smoothly in the background while you nurture your active leads.


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