How Manufacturing Companies Can Improve Service Efficiency

How Manufacturing Companies Can Improve Service Efficiency

How Manufacturing Companies Can Improve Service Efficiency

Around 35% of customers are willing to spend 5% more of their budget for a company that provides excellent customer service.


This means that in today’s manufacturing landscape, excellent customer service is no longer an option but a must-have. Those offering VIP customer support will attract and retain customers more easily.


One smart way to improve the customer service quality of your manufacturing business is by adopting CRM software for manufacturing companies. It enables you to increase the speed to lead and speed to respond—two vital keys to enhancing service efficiency and standing out from the competition. 


But how exactly can a manufacturing CRM help you achieve that? Read on to find out.


What’s the Relationship between Manufacturing CRM and Service Efficiency?


Many manufacturing companies pride themselves on producing a superior product and believe their customers are happy with the service. However, they need to do more than that. Manufacturers must bridge the ‘experience gap’ and achieve true customer satisfaction.


Clients want speed, flexibility, and streamlined communication. This means high-quality standards and efficiency may be vital, but simply relying on these factors won’t help you boost your service efficiency.


The good news is you can achieve this by adopting a well-built manufacturing CRM that caters to your customer’s needs and the company’s goals. Let’s discuss this further by understanding why service efficiency matters for manufacturing companies.


Why Is Service Efficiency Important in the Manufacturing Industry?


The importance of service efficiency lies in how it directly impacts customers’ spend. 


A Harvard Business Review article shows that customers with a great experience spend 140% more than those with a bad experience. In other words, operational efficiency is just one side of the coin; your bottom line is also influenced by service performance.


Here are three other key reasons why service efficiency is crucial for manufacturing businesses.


1. Increased Manufacturing Productivity

If your customer service is streamlined, you spend less time, money, and labor on fixing avoidable problems or hiccups. This also means that any new process you implement, or new products you manufacture is processed according to the standards, making your manufacturing business workflow lean and more productive while keeping your customers happy.


2. Better Resource Optimization


Service performance can be measured by resource optimization, for instance, how fast an issue is resolved with the least effort involved. 


Say you need to communicate an important service update for your hardware unit. If you have an automated email system, you can save manual time and resources while ensuring your clients get the necessary information timely. 


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3. Bigger Returns on Customer Relations


Sending holiday greetings and updating clients on new offers and products help cement long-term relationships. 


For example, you can use the contact management feature in your CRM to help group the recipients based on industry, bought products, or other categories. Or use this to give customers the latest updates, greet them on holidays, and notify them of changes in working hours, among others. This helps you give your customers the par-excellence experience they’re looking for. 


How Can Manufacturing CRM Software Improve Service Efficiency?


Only the best manufacturing sales CRM software will be tailored to your industry will bring all your data management, customer communication, scheduling and collaboration, and problem-solving tools under one roof. 


It also serves as a powerhouse from which you can smoothly coordinate and carry out operations, maintenance requests, updates, and fixes, thus furthering your service efficiency.


What’s more, good manufacturing pipeline software will not merely help you resolve client needs and better your service but will also help you grow your business and take on more customers.


Let’s look at some specific features and functions you could leverage from a CRM:


1. Speed to Lead


An excellent manufacturing CRM can be set up based on the industry, size, and client’s needs. This will offer much flexibility in how you run the manufacturing business. A key benefit of CRM adoption is tracking lead progress and addressing it immediately as soon as there’s a development, allowing you to get cracking on the next steps ASAP. 


This speedy and individual attention will set the tone for what your clients can expect from you down the road.


2. Speed to Response


One common issue that negatively impacts customer service quality is the delayed response to emails or open queries. When customers ask for help, they need the solution immediately. Even if the actual solution were to take longer, a timely affirmation of their messages goes a long way in preserving the relationship, as proven in this study.


When you use manufacturing sales software like Pipeline CRM, you can easily see and manage your client emails and tickets, leaving no tickets unread or untreated. You can also assign them to your teams based on their workload and availability.


3. Data Centralization


Your CRM can serve as the repository for all customer-related data. For example, having all the communication exchanges in one place helps keep track of the issue, prevent misunderstanding or gaps in knowledge, and accelerate the steps taken to resolve it.


4. Customized Solutions


An integral part of service performance is how well you can adapt to the customer’s unique requirements. Variability is frowned upon in manufacturing and production. But with customer service, this becomes a much sought-after benefit. You can optimize manufacturing pipeline software to accommodate diverse client needs using customizable templates and workflows or multiple pipelines.


See how you can customize Pipeline CRM software to support the unique needs of your manufacturing business in this interactive demo.


5. Ease of Access


Nothing speaks to overall client experience like user experience (UX). Having a CRM that is user-friendly and accessible via mobile phones (or tablets) elevates service performance for customers, making it easier for your team to connect and collaborate, especially those who work on the field or the client-facing staff. Additionally, it chalks up to a lovely value-add in your customer service endeavors.


Enhance Service Efficiency with Manufacturing CRM Software


High standards, diversity in offerings, and product superiority are the keys to excel in manufacturing businesses. However, if you ignore the quality of service, you may lose your customers’ trust. Principally, the smoother your service and problem resolution are, the happier your customers are, and the faster your manufacturing business will grow. 


To ensure every customer is satisfied with your service, adopt manufacturing CRM software such as Pipeline CRM. With Pipeline’s manufacturing CRM, every customer communication and transaction is automatically recorded, allowing your team to solve problems faster and more effectively. Not only that, you’ll be instantly notified of the changes in your sales pipeline, customer ticketing, and other project progress. This enables your team to work collaboratively to improve your manufacturing business’s customer service area.


Get started with Pipeline CRM with a 14-day free trial. See all the features you’ll get here.

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