Close Deals Faster with SuperShare

Let’s face it. Today’s modern sales pipeline spans across companies and that’s why we’re excited to launch SuperShare. Our industry-leading feature helps you share important data so you can collaborate easier and close faster. Here’s how.

Industry-Leading Sales Tool to Help You Collaborate With Anyone

SuperShare is our latest tool in our sales toolbox to help sales teams succeed. What is it exactly? Right now, sharing sales data can be time-consuming and frustrating for sales leaders. Think how you have to spend time downloading spreadsheets, figure out the back and forth of countless emails and figure out how to get data the way you need it to be before you send it off to collaborators outside of your company.


We are ending that.


Just because you don’t have the same software as your external partners doesn’t mean you can’t share data right from your CRM where your data already lives.


SuperShare makes data sharing from your CRM easy, collaborative and secure. It’s a sales pipeline sharing feature that empowers customers to share data in real-time for easy, real-time collaboration with external collaborators.

Here’s what Don Hartford, Director of Business Development at Reece Supply and beta tester of Pipeline CRM SuperShare, said about SuperShare’s functionality for his business.

“Through SuperShare we can connect and share directly with our vendor partners from Pipeline CRM in a matter of a few clicks, which means instant collaboration. This increases communication and decreases the chances of details being missed due to multiple people being involved in the sales cycle. It also creates accountability on all levels – both internally and externally – and we can follow up with all of the history of a deal in one place. For businesses like ours, where multiple salespeople are on multiple deals, SuperShare is designed to ensure that communication is smooth, time is saved, and deals can close faster.”

Let’s dig deeper. Here’s how SuperShare works for everyone involved in a deal.

If you’re a PipelineDeals customer:

SuperShare enables you, the Pipeline CRM user, to choose the current deals you want to share directly from your powerful List Views. Then, you can easily invite key external collaborators to view the critical and exact data in a secure format, whether or not your external collaborator has a Pipeline CRM subscription.


After an email invitation is accepted, the external user is automatically given a free Pipeline CRM SuperShare account that includes access to an indispensable view of the subscriber’s app: the Deals page. By viewing the Deals page, external users can see useful data that the Pipeline CRM user has chosen to share with them.

Collaborate smarter and faster

Share only the CRM data you want to share with outside people you want to share it with.


Here are the benefits:

  • By sharing your deal views quickly, easily and securely — you can improve time to close.
  • Save time by granting collaborative visibility to your sales pipeline.
  • Ditch spreadsheet downloads, organizing reports, handpicking data, and countless emails.
  • Gain clarity and alignment and boost productivity.
  • Share activities with external collaborators without boundaries.

SuperShare is available for Develop and Grow plan users. 

If you are an external collaborator that has been granted access to SuperShare:

Once access is granted from a Pipeline CRM customer, you just need to accept. In no time, you can view the key details coming down the funnel.


Through an indispensable view, external collaborators can work with CRM data shared by Pipeline CRM customers including the ability to sort data without massive permissions. You can then collaborate in real-time without the need to send countless emails or download spreadsheets.

  • View data easily with a collaborative dashboard.
  • See the pipelines you need to see to make better decisions.
  • Save time with powerful Pipeline CRM features.
  • See List Views from many accounts in one single view and sort accordingly.

Why We Designed SuperShare

We have been living in a siloed funnel world for too long. SuperShare enables any business can freely connect within the world they do business in.


The main goal for SuperShare is to help sales teams foster easy collaboration, including real-time messaging and comments, right within Pipeline CRM.


As mentioned above, all businesses involved in a deal don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time writing and keeping track of countless emails relating to a deal, downloading spreadsheets with the certain data, or preparing reports in order to share information.

Get Sales Data Sharing Superpowers

With Pipeline CRM SuperShare, you can:
  • Quickly grant select data access to external vendors, partners, and collaborators.
  • Pick shared data from powerful List Views to collaborate and easily close deals faster.
  • Securely share Pipeline CRM data outside of your company by utilizing SuperShare Admin permissions.

SuperShare is available for customers on the Develop or Grow plans.
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