Business Card Scanning for Salespeople

Let’s face it, we leave meetings or tradeshows with a pocketful of business cards that never really see the light of day. Here’s the solution.

Top Mobile Business Card Scanner

Most of us are guilty of it. Those stacks of business cards over the years… You know what I mean. They end up sitting as a neat little pile on the corner of your desk… then other tasks happen. They don’t become contacts in your CRM. They simply collect dust.


That is until you manually enter them into a database or upload an app to scan them. But does that really doesn’t matter if that data isn’t uploaded to your sales enablement software or CRM — now does it?


Here’s the solution. You can take those business cards and turn them into leads that go right into PipelineDeals. No manual entry by you or anyone else. No outside apps are necessary either. All you need is your handy new business card scanner which is available on your PipelineCRM’s mobile app.

Sales Pipeline App – Go Mobile!

Besides the mobile business card scanner, PipelineDeals has a leading sales pipeline mobile app with other features to keep you productive on the road:
  • Nearby: Instantly access a map of a contact’s location while you’re on the road.
  • One-click activity notes: Add your most frequent notes instead of manually typing
  • Talk-to-text: Record and store all of your field sales activities while you’re out
  • Real-time notifications: Get phone alerts about your leads, contacts, and deals
  • Tasks and calendars: Update, organize, and view your calendar anytime

Keep track of your customers

Do you know what else is great about our new mobile business card scanner? You can gather multiple contacts while you’re on the go. Simply snap a photo of a business card, one after the other, and the contact info will be synced to Pipeline CRM.

Let’s summarize the highlights:

  • Automatically syncs to Pipeline CRM.
  • Create CRM contacts from business card photos you have already taken. Yep, you might have a folder of photos of old conference business cards of months or even years past that you’ve been meaning to do something about. You can upload them immediately.
  • Easily add multiple new contacts without leaving the app.
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